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TaxBite is a chartered accountancy firm which helps creative businesses & individuals. Our expert accountants can help support you with VAT registration, tax returns, registering as a limited company, and bookkeeping.

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Creative Businesses / Creative Industries

Our accountants for creatives help various different businesses such as:

We focus on providing a personal accountancy experience for the creative sector.

Modern Accounting Software

Our accountants can also help you with making tax digital (MTD). The team at TaxBite use the latest technology to help you spend less time on paperwork.

Benefits of using accounting software for creative businesses

There are multiple benefits of using accounting software, such as:

  1. Less paperwork
  2. Fewer mistakes
  3. Easier bookkeeping
  4. Realtime tax information
  5. Accounting software also connects to your business bank accounts to make certain your bookkeeping is as simple and quick as possible
  6. Pay less tax

Keeping on top of your taxes by using accountancy software can really help the growth of your business.

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Accounting Software

There is various accounting software to use. It is important to know what your accounting needs are firstly to be then able to take full advantage.

Our accountants for creatives use the following accounting software:

Accounting Services for Creative professionals

We offer various services for creative industries, such as:


We offer tax audits for any creative industry client. Our accountants do this so they can understand how much your current expenses are and what you profit from.

Creative business incorporation

If you are looking to set up a business, our team of accountants can help you do this.

Filing tax returns

If you need to file your taxes and keep and help manage your taxes, our accountants can help you with this.

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Financial compliance

If you are uncertain about compliance or have any questions regarding the laws and rules of in finance and taxes, then our dedicated accountants are here to assist you.

Tax Services (Tax Planning & Tax returns)

If you need a tax planning strategy for yourself or your creative business, then make sure you get in touch. Our team at TaxBite can look further into your business and come up with a strategy on how you can by less tax.

Bookkeeping for creative business

If you need to require a chartered accountant to help keep your books up to date using the latest accounting software, then get in touch. Hiring a bookkeeper can massively help your business growth.

Hiring a bookkeeper will give you the freedom for you to spend more time in more important sectors of your business that generates more cash.

Payroll for the creative industry

Do you need an accountant to help with your company’s payroll? Make sure everyone gets paid on time, and the correct paperwork is completed. We currently help hundreds of companies across the UK with their payroll.

Get in touch today to speak to a payroll specialist.

R&D Tax Credits / RD Tax Relief

RD Tax Credit Relief is a tax-saving strategy that applies to most creative industries, if you are planning on claiming RD tax get in contact today with our team to see if your business can apply for it.

Companies That Have Claimed Research & Development

Here are a list companies that have been able to successfully claim RD Tax Credits for their business.

Creative Tax Reliefs

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Business Plan Advice

If you require a business plan and need help writing the plan, our business plan accountants can help you with this.

Corporation Tax

If you need a creative accountant to help with your corporation tax, submit your corp tax & complete the paperwork required, then give our team a call.

We understand that every creative company is different, so our accountants will come up with a personal touch that best suits your business.

Legal Services

If you require any legal work such as documentation, or HR work, then get in touch. We help with various legal business work within the creative space.

Make Tax Digital

Are you looking to make your bookkeeping easier to manage so you can focus your time on earning more money?

MTD, also known as make tax digital, can certainly help you achieve this as everything from your outgoings, VAT bill, and tax is all in a central portal that you are able to log into at any time.

VAT Registration

VAT Registration for the creative industry, in some cases, is mandatory depending on your revenue and clients. If you want further information get in touch with our creatives accountants.

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VAT Return

Are you already VAT registered but need help with filing and submitting your VAT for your creative business then get in touch with our accountants we will be able to support you and give you advice on how to submit your vat without receiving any penalties from HMRC.

Business Tax Investigations

If you pay VAT or have employees paid through PAYE, then a tax investigation will look into any common mistakes made by businesses. We will check your records and systems to make certain everything has been filed and documented correctly.

Cash flow Management for the creative industry

In some cases, SMEs & medium-sized businesses need help with managing their cash flow, making certain they are able to pay for any outgoings such as staff wages, contractor fees, etc.

Our team of cash flow managers are able to look at your books and come up with a cash flow management plan that best suits your company.

Intellectual property, including trademark and patent attorneys

If you require help with trademarking or patenting, then our team can assist you with this and help file the required documents to the government to help with your patent or trademark.

If you need a dedicated accountant to get in contact today for a free no, obligation

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Why do creatives need a specialist accountant?

We can offer you specialist knowledge to help your business save money when it comes to tax planning and paying your vat. When hiring an accountant, you should always look at the extras that they can deliver to your business. Some accountants can help with business growth by providing you access to marketing specialists and offering you free advice by looking at your expenses and telling you what you are overspending on.

An accountant shouldn’t just manage your books or do your tax return every year, but they should be looking into the future and forward-thinking on how they can help you both save money and grow your business.

Why Choose TaxBite

If you are looking for a chartered accountancy firm to help you unlock the full potential of your business and assist with the growth of your company, then get in touch for a free no, obligation audit today.

Our chartered accountants are ready to partner up with your business to take on the world! We aren’t just an expense to your company. We are on a journey to help your business grow.

We also offer a personal account. If you ever have a question, you can phone or email them, and they will get back to you.

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Our team will access your expenses, look at your current accounting setup and come up with a strategy that gives your company the most benefit from a time and cost point of view.

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