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Family businesses require expert accountants Bolton who provide specialist advice and accounting services. With the number of family-run businesses increasing every year in the UK, it’s important to ensure you’re running it to the best of your ability.

The family business accountants at TaxBite have in-depth knowledge of family businesses and can provide specialist advice to help you and your business grow in the family.

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Family Business Services

Running a family business can present particularly unique challenges, such as succession planning issues and disagreements between shareholders that can be informal or unstructured in nature. Maintaining a balanced work-life within the family can also be difficult.

With this in mind, our family business accountants are available to assist all family members in tackling and overcoming these challenges while working to meet the needs and requirements of the family business itself.

Currently, in 2022, family businesses are in abundance, with around 75% of all businesses within the private sector being family-owned. Each business has a unique structure with unique challenges and requirements. Our business advisers and chartered accountants work hard to understand your business from the inside out, ensuring we offer suitable, fully-custom service to your family business. The typical services we offer are:

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Corporate Tax Planning

As part of our family business accounting services, corporate tax planning is vital to running a successful family business. We offer this service, ensuring your taxes are planned out appropriately and effectively.

Accounts & Tax returns

Our chartered accountants are experts in managing family business accounts and tax returns, ensuring your business remains fully compliant.

Payroll & Auto Enrolment

Allow the team at TaxBite to assist you in setting up and managing your family businesses’ Payroll and auto-enrolment.

Cloud Bookkeeping

With expertise in digital accountancy, our chartered accountants are fully up to date with the latest cloud bookkeeping training and practices. We offer cloud bookkeeping if you’re interested in getting ahead of the incoming Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation or simply want to make your accounts neater.

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Our chartered accountants are experts in all things VAT and can assist you with any queries you have relating to VAT as a family business.

VAT Registration

If you think your family business is eligible for VAT but you don’t know where to begin, our chartered accountants can register your business for VAT on your behalf.

R&D Relief

UK companies are rewarded with Research and Development tax credits if they have invested in innovation. If you think you could be eligible, contact our team below.

Other Services

As a family business, you may want to explore advice relating to inheritance tax, audit work, personal wealth succession planning, and general family business accounting. If you’re looking for advice in these areas, rest assured our team can provide these services for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why TaxBite

Choosing accountants from TaxBite Bolton will ensure you’re fully up to date with the latest legislation relating to tax and financial aspects of running a family business.

The chartered accountants at TaxBite are proud to service many family businesses, enabling them to flourish while remaining completely compliant with UK taxation law.

Click the button below to get started, obtain more details, hear from our current clients, receive updates and advice, or contact our support team for another reason. Our team of family business advisors and accountants will be in touch shortly after your submission.

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As experts in family business accounting services, the team at TaxBite can also help with financial planning and advice, succession planning, and inheritance tax planning from generation to generation, with a comprehensive range of proactive advice and expertise available.

Click the button below to discuss how we can help you with your family-owned businesses, and learn more about our knowledge and the advice we provide to our business clients.