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R&D Tax Credit Renewables

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R&D tax relief impacts every industry, and one of the most notable ways of improving existing systems is through renewable sources of energy. The renewable energy sector receives a lot of R&D tax credit renewables, something that most businesses should take advantage of.

We at Taxbite can guide you towards a tax relief claim or R&D tax credits that give your renewable energy sector business a financial boost, whether you are installing solar panels for renewable energy production or are performing R&D to overhaul the aerodynamic properties of wind turbines.

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R&D Tax Credit Renewables

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Why TaxBite?

We have helped hundreds of companies with their R&D tax credits, with many businesses dipping into the energy sector – or even being a part of the renewable energy sector themselves. These tax relief claims can help the energy industry evolve and innovate on its own terms.

We can secure substantial tax rebates and tax incentives to cover your R&D software expenses, letting you safely enhance everything from off-grid applications to renewable energy sources without fear of ruining your budget.

R&D Tax Credit Renewables
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Do your renewables project qualify for the R&D Tax Credits scheme?

If you are in the renewable energy sector and performing R&D to innovate renewable energy sources or related products, you qualify for tax relief.

R&D Tax Credits for Renewables explained

R&D tax relief provides renewable businesses with tax incentives to innovate. Regardless of the science responsible or monitoring tools and disciplines involved, if you show true innovation, you could be one of the included companies in the renewable energy sector getting R&D tax relief.

This relief can come as tax reductions and exemptions, cash repayments, or both.

Is your renewables project eligible for an R&D claim?

Qualifying for R&D tax relief requires two things:

This needs to be true innovation. Trying to improve reliability of existing products or processes will not always count, but developing new technology to combat climate change does.

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Reasons to claim R&D tax credits for the renewables sector

Sustainable growth

These tax claims allow for a renewables business to sustain itself and decrease losses during an expensive development or during physical production processes.

Innovative culture

This R&D tax relief pushes for innovation and compensates a business that spends money on long-term innovation.

Competitive edge

Companies that practice innovation can receive financial or tax edges over their competitors while they research.

Quicker time-to-market

Developing new technologies is easier with R&D tax relief, taking pressure off companies and businesses who are being delayed by their limited budget.

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How to Calculate your renewables claim & what to include

Staff Costs

The expenses involved for retaining qualified staff count towards how much businesses are given.

Software costs

The software companies used for research and development can factor into the total credit given.

Time spent on the project

Longer research projects tend to earn more, no matter how efficient they are. A company needs to be eligible the entire time to keep receiving the tax credits.

Expenditures funding the project

The cost of funding the project can be high and is compensated for in the tax relief.

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Misconceptions around renewables R&D tax credit claims

Only new renewables projects qualify

Ongoing projects can qualify. In many cases, this included companies that have been developing items like an anaerobic digester, new solar panels, high-efficiency rotor blades, battery packs with high structural resistance, or efficient wind power over the course of decades.

Part of the project wasn’t R&D

R&D is compensated, but the project can also involve other elements and still be eligible for those benefits.

We weren’t taking a financial risk

Financial risk is not necessary for innovation. A stable company can still qualify.

We used subcontractors, and they don’t qualify

Subcontractors are compensated with less than regular staff but are still allowed as part of the project.

Capitalising renewables expenditure doesn’t have an impact on my R&D tax credit claims

As long as you meet the criteria for innovative renewable energy R&D, your business can review these benefits.

How can we help with your renewables R&D Tax Credit claim?

We at TaxBite can ensure that you get the claim you need for your renewable business, whether you are increasing efficiency on an innovative solar panel or improving noise-related performance on a specialised turbine design. Contact us to learn more.

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Frequently Asked RD Tax Questions

Does your renewables business qualify?

If renewables businesses meet the necessary criteria, they qualify. Exceptions are uncommon.

Who qualifies for renewables development R&D tax relief?

If you are developing something truly innovative, you qualify. This has to be active development.

What costs that you can include in your RD tax credits claim?

Employee wages, hiring, tax, software and other assorted R&D expenses.

Can you Claim RD Tax for subcontracted development in the renewable energy sector?

Subcontracted work is still eligible, although often for a slightly reduced amount due to the fact that they are not full employees.

What can’t you claim for in renewables R&D?

If your work does not offer anything innovative, you usually are not eligible. Innovation is key.

How much are renewables R&D tax credits worth?

The value of your credits entirely depends on your company – there is no pre-set value.

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