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If you have newly qualified and are ready to enter into the competitive industry of architects, we’re sure you realise that you have a challenging time ahead. From winning those all-important new clients and projects to battling with developers who value cheap construction shortcuts rather than high-quality design and competing with rival architects who may have been in the industry longer or have flashier websites.

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There is a greater demand than ever before for more complex and interesting designs and as the industry continues to move quickly, you must stay on top of all the latest developments in technology and design. Doing all this requires a lot of time and effort on your part as an architect.

This is just one reason why you should avoid taking on the additional challenge of looking after the financial side of your business. Another good reason is that there is so much involved in architect accounting, that without the right qualifications, experience and time, you would not be able to do as good a job as a professional architect accountant as one of our team here at TaxBite.

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Our Architect Accountant Services

There are numerous professional and qualified accountants operating in the country, so you may wonder why you should look to collaborate with a specialist architect accountant. The issue is that while a general accountant will be able to offer very generically, non-specific accounting services if you want effective and efficient help that can progress your architect business, you need to work with a specialist.

At Tax Bite, we have a team of people who have worked as accountants for architects for many years and know a lot about architectural practices and the architectural firms who work on projects for a variety of different clients.

Rather than effectively feeling in the dark, give the responsibility of your accounting needs to our team. It is our goal to offer the highest quality of support and advice, and our services include:

Tax planning and tax structuring for architects

Planning and Compliance for VAT

Efficiencies and Systems to help improve Architectural Practices

  • Staff level management
  • Pay scale reviews
  • Job profitability reviews
  • Determining the correct fee structure for various kinds of assignments.
  • Make sure you have efficient and effective practice management systems
  • Cloud accounting packages review and advice on the implementation and training of these boxes.

Architect Management Support

  • Management accounts preparation
  • Management structures reviews
  • Working capital management and support
  • Succession planning

Architecture Practices Talent Management

Why Choose Tax Bite as Your Architect Accountants

Even if you understand why it is important to work with a professional and specialist architect accountants, you may still question whether you should work with Tax Bite. Let us reassure you by offering an insight into what you can benefit from when you hire one of our team as your chartered accountant.

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Dedicated Accountant

So many businesses nowadays palm their client base off on whichever accountant is available. Would you rather work with a faceless individual who knows little to nothing about the specifics of your architectural business, or would you prefer to seek out financial advice and accounting services from an individual that has been assigned to your firm from the get-go?

That is what you get when you choose to work with Tax Bite – your architecture accountant who knows the ins and outs of your business and is in the best position to offer you advice and make recommendations

ICAEW and ATT Registered Accountants

Further to the above, each of our team of highly skilled and passionate accountants is also registered and regulated by the ICAEW or Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and, the ATT, the Association of Taxation Technicians. This gives you the assurance you need knowing that your business finances and tax needs are taken care of by an individual who is fully vetted and responsible.

Technology-Driven and Progressive Accountants

One of the big things that everyone is looking for nowadays from service providers like accountants is technologically advancements and progressiveness. At Tax Bite, we are fully committed to constantly evolving our services including cloud accounting packages through software like Dext, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero, FreeAgent, Sage, and GoCardless.

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Transparent and Reasonable Pricing

At Tax Bite, we like to believe we offer something a bit better than the average accounting firm to our architect client base. Too often you hear about unscrupulous businesses that pile on charges, fees and surcharges further down the line that were not mentioned, or only hinted at in the small print. That is not how we operate.

When we provide you with a quote for our accounting services for architects, the price we quote is the price we expect you to pay.

If you do wish to downgrade or upgrade your package to include other services in addition to the standards, we offer everyone, you can and you will be billed accordingly.

Valued Added Services

In line with our commitment to being the most progressive and client-friendly accounting firm for architects, we believe in offering not just what our clientele expects, but more. We go above and beyond what is expected and have formulated additional services that can help architects to continue improving their business.

Added value services such as cash flow forecasting software, share scheme options, legal helpline services, and contractor insurance guidance and help.

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If you have chosen to compete against other architects in an already busy and competitive industry, we commend your tenacity. Your skill and expertise will only get you so far, though. You need the solid and reliable support of an accountancy firm like Tax Bite to help ensure your finances, taxes, compliance with HMRC regulations and books are taken care of.

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When that worry is off your mind and you know you are operating efficiently, you can concentrate fully on what you do best – being the best architect possible and offering your clients the best experience.

Accountants For Architects