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Uber drivers have enough to take care of without worrying about income tax, tracking expenses, and bookkeeping. With that being said, to remain compliant with UK tax law, Lyft, Deliveroo, and Uber drivers must record and submit this information via a tax return each and every tax year.

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Registering as a Self-Employed Uber Contractor

Registering as a self-employed Uber driver also applies to drivers who work as contractors with Lyft, Deliveroo, and other ride-sharing companies. Working as a self-employed freelancer or contractor of these companies means you’re solely responsible for managing and paying your taxes.

Our team of chartered accountants can get you registered with HMRC, help you with your yearly accounts, and submit the relevant self assessment tax returns on your behalf.

Once registered, you’ll be given a UTR number, your unique identifier as a taxpayer. You will need to be registered for Self Assessment and Class 2 & 4 National Insurance.

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Services We Offer For Uber Drivers

As specialist Uber accountants, we offer Uber drivers many accounting services. However, while you work with Uber, you still technically work for yourself as a self-employed contractor. Therefore, you’re responsible for registering with HMRC to pay your income taxes, such as class 2 & 4 National Insurance each year.

Below we’ve outlined not all but a few of our essential services for Lyft, Deliveroo, and Uber drivers.

Year End Accounts For Uber Drivers

In order to supply Uber drivers with the best possible experience, our accountants are on hand to assist with and process your year end accounts.

Personal tax returns

With all the information circulating online, submitting your personal tax returns while remaining compliant can seem overwhelming. Allow our experienced accountants to take care of your personal tax returns and register on your behalf.

Self Assessment Return For Uber Driver

Self Assessment tax returns involve a certain amount of paperwork, especially if you encounter constant pickups as an Uber driver. Self Assessment tax returns are required each tax year, so our accountants are on hand to take the burden off your shoulders.

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VAT Guidance For Uber Driver

As specialist accountants for Uber drivers, we offer VAT guidance for specific tax purposes. If you’re registered as a business and earning a taxable income over the threshold of £85,000, you most likely need to register for VAT.

VAT Registration for Uber Driver

There are many things to consider; even the initial registration process can be challenging. Our experienced accountants are available to assist you every step of the way.

Insurances Required as an Uber Driver

Due to the sector your work in, as an Uber driver, you must set up public liability insurance. In the interest of compliance, our accounting team are on hand to offer assistance when setting up public liability insurance.

Claiming Expenses For Uber

There are certain expenses you can claim as business use. For example, you can claim mileage allowance (set amount by HMRC), business use on car servicing costs, vehicle insurance fees, and fuel costs.

The list of eligible business expenses is relatively long; our accountants can assist you in understanding what expenses you can claim. We’ve listed a few typical expenses you can claim below:

  • Car accessories such as air fresheners and floor mats
  • Vehicle repairs, new tyres, servicing
  • Insurance & vehicle tax cost
  • Training course costs (i.e. advanced driving courses)

Recording Expenses for Uber

It’s important to keep any paperwork outlining the costs you pay as part of your daily business, such as car servicing receipts, to claim them later on. Using accounting software, you can snap a picture on your mobile phone and upload it digitally to keep on top of your yearly taxes.

Tax Planning For Uber

TaxBite offers tax planning services for Uber, Lyft, and Deliveroo drivers. Our specialists can advise you on ways to pay taxes more efficiently, save money, and, most importantly, remain tax compliant.

Our tax planning services aim to help you save more of your Uber earnings in a way that complies with UK tax law. Whether you’re looking to pay less income tax than you have to, get insider tax tips from the most experienced accountants, or you’re looking to optimise your tax position, our accountants can explore all options with you.

Accounting Software For Uber Drivers

You only have enough hours in the day, and we’re sure you’d rather spend your time supporting customers. To retain your 5-star reviews and make money, you’ve got to be out in the field. For this reason, using accounting software to record business expenses and manage your books is the most efficient way forward.

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Making Tax Digital (MTD) Legislation

As of April 2026, all businesses, self-employed individuals, and landlords must use software to keep digital business records and send income tax information and updates to HMRC instead of the usual Self Assessment tax return. To get a headstart on this legislation, we urge Uber car drivers and all of our clients to get on board with accounting software to manage and pay their taxes.

It’s worth noting that to remain compliant, you must use approved accounting software. Below, we discuss four popular approved accounting software applications in which our accountants are experts.

FreeAgent Accounting Software

FreeAgent is an accounting software that is free for customers using NatWest, RBS, Ulster, and Mettle. The software allows you to digitally upload your expense receipts relating to repairs and insurance, for example, by using your smartphone. This means you can keep on top of your claims between drives.

FreeAgent was recently voted as the UK’s top bookkeeping software for smaller businesses. As a self-employed contractor, FreeAgent is a great option. At the time of writing, they are offering customers free 30-day trials.

QuickBooks Accounting Software

For self-employed drivers that are looking for technical support, QuickBooks accounting software offers free support that allows you to share your screen. They also offer support guides that are simple to understand.

The software allows you to manage your expenses, upload receipts, keep track of finances, and manage Payroll if you employ other drivers.

FreshBooks Accounting Software

FreshBooks is easy-to-use accounting software that is suitable for Uber, Lyft, and Deliveroo drivers to manage their accounts and expenses. The software has over 120,000 4 and 5-star reviews for its impeccable support services for those looking to take hold of their taxes.

Xero Accounting Software

As one of the world’s most popular accounting software tools, Xero has over 3 million users. Uber drivers can use the Xero mobile phone app to capture expenses on the go and set up automatic bank feeds for tax purposes.

Integrate your favourite apps with Xero, whether that’s for managing Payroll, tracking allowable expenses and mileage allowance, or linking up your business bank account and avoiding the usual paperwork.

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Why TaxBite

TaxBite is a team of specialist tax accountants who are here to take the burden of taxes off our client’s shoulders.

We work with a wide range of clients, from self-employed individuals and sole traders to large enterprises. Our chartered accountants are on hand to provide industry-leading tax tips and bookkeeping services, and they can even register you for new tax incentives if applicable.

TaxBite for Uber, Lyft, and Deliveroo Drivers

In the interest of Uber drivers, our accountants can assist you in any tax claim you wish to make, help you identify new ways to grow your profits, and take care of your bookkeeping and taxes in general.

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If you have a car and want to use it to grow your earnings, becoming an uber driver could be a great option for you. Regarding where this leaves your tax status, you must consider a few things before heading into self-employment as an independent contractor with Uber, Deliveroo, or Lyft.

Click the link below to get in touch with our specialist tax accounting team, who can assist you with your yearly tax return and tax bill, vehicle insurance queries, what expenses you can claim on, bookkeeping, and more.