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Making a move to a new country can be a daunting experience. Try adding two different country tax bills to the mix, and you’ve got quite the headache! Not being armed with the correct tax advice is something we want to help you avoid at all costs. That’s why we recommend hiring a specialist accountant for expats.

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Why TaxBite

TaxBite Accountants Bolton is a team of chartered accountants with extensive knowledge in helping sole traders, business owners, freelancers, expats, and more understand the UK tax system.

Whether you require help filing your Self Assessment tax returns, or you’re considering retiring abroad and have expat tax enquiries, we’d love to help you.

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Living & Working Abroad

Expat tax advice can be complicated, and without proper planning, you could be subject to certain tax liabilities when you move tax residency. Both your UK tax status and your new residential country tax laws must be considered.

If you are uncertain about how much tax you should be paying make sure to checkout our article about UK Tax Codes List.

We also have a detailed article on Tax code 1257L, in some cases expats get a tax code titled 1257L if you have then check out that article which we go into detail on what you have to do.

Statutory Residence Test

Since 6th April 2013, the Statutory Residence Test has been in effect for individuals who are either arriving in the UK or leaving. They are classified as Arrivers and Leavers.

The test has three parts: Part A – Conclusive Non Residence, Part B – Conclusive Residence, and Part C – Connecting Factors. Taking the test will assist you with identifying any implications of selling UK assets such as property, Capital Gains rules, Inheritance Tax advice, and UK investment income tax advice.

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Expat Tax Advice on Leaving the UK

After your status is clear and established, the team at TaxBite will assist you in planning your finances to ensure you’re paying the correct taxes.

Our team of experts can also help by advising on income taxes (overseas and UK tax advice), tax efficiency when dealing with asset disposal, investment services, and planning any inheritance tax affairs.

Non-resident Tax Returns

It’s worth noting that you must adhere to any new filing obligations in your new country and your previous one. The team at TaxBite can provide UK and international tax advice services and help you avoid any penalties.

Our professional advice and accountant services extend to advising on both UK and overseas tax treatment advice, ensuring all tax returns are accounted for and completed on time and accurately.

Tax Planning on Returning to the UK

To ensure you don’t overpay in tax unnecessarily, our team can help you avoid any issues when you plan on returning to the UK.

Expat Tax Mitigation Experts

Our team of experts are highly experienced in providing tax mitigation and tax planning advice to expats leaving and returning to the UK.

Click the link to contact TaxBite today to hear more about our services and accountants and to make the transition to your new life abroad as carefree as possible!

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Residence And Domicile Status

Domicile status is related to the country you name your permanent home, and a residence is a place you choose to live temporarily. While you can have only one domicile, you can be a resident in more than one country simultaneously. This depends on where you spend your time and the rules of the countries in question.

If you want to avoid paying twice as much tax, it’s worth being careful about how much time you spend in each of your chosen residences.

TaxBite would be delighted to assist you in determining your domicile country and your chosen residence/s. Hire a professional accountant today who can help recommend adjustments you can make to reduce your tax bill.

Capital Gains Tax For Expats

The tax on any profit made when selling assets that have increased in value can also apply to non-residents in the UK. Known as Capital Gains Tax (CGT), UK non-residents must be non-residents for over five years to avoid CGT. The exception is UK non-resident landlords, who cannot avoid paying UK CGT at all.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Advice

If you’re looking to buy property in the UK as a non-resident and expat, you are liable for Stamp Duty Land Tax. As this process can be challenging, our accountants are on hand to advise and take care of this rather daunting task.

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If you’re interested in moving abroad and living the expat experience and require expat tax advice or require any other services from our accountants, get in touch with the TaxBite team today!

Our main goal is to help you understand the HM Revenue & Customs UK tax system and save money on your next tax bill. If you’re keen on maintaining as much of your wealth as possible while living life abroad, reach out to find out more about our services and find the right accountant for you.