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Suppose you’re spending money on an accountant to file your annual accounts even though your company is not currently trading. In that case, we want to help you save time and money by filing as a dormant company with the Companies House register.

Why TaxBite?

Allow the experienced team at TaxBite to take care of your company’s accounting records and avoid any of the typical ‘dormant company fails’.

Our professional accountants have worked with numerous limited companies to ensure Companies House confirmation statements, company tax return filings, and other returns are paid to Companies House with zero chance of late fees. And that includes dormant companies!

You are most likely eligible for dormant company status if there isn’t a significant accounting transaction within your company accounting records. Click the link below to save time and money today.

What are dormant company accounts?

Dormant company accounts are a set of simplified accounts that reduce accounting needs for businesses that are not trading. The director’s report and profit and loss accounts are not required to be submitted with dormant company accounts, meaning less time and money is spent.

Companies do not need to file a Company Tax Return or pay Corporation Tax once HMRC has been told the companies are dormant unless further notice to deliver either has been received. Dormant does mean different things for both Company Tax Returns and Corporation Tax, as well as a company’s annual filings submitted to Companies House.

How often must dormant company accounts be filed?

Even though a company is dormant, annual accounts must be filed to Companies House each and every financial year. If not, delayed filing fees will be charged for each accounting period.

How does this service work?

We’ve aimed to make filing your dormant accounts as seamless and straightforward as possible.

  1. Click below and enter your details.
  2. Checkout & Pay
  3. Our team will email your a questionnaire to complete online
  4. Based on your answers, we will aim to file your accounts within 1 working day.
  5. Once Companies House has accepted your dormant company accounts, you will receive confirmation from us via email.

You can renew our dormant company accounts service for £49.99, excl VAT annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dormant company?

A dormant company is classified as either a new company that has not yet begun trading (for companies limited by shares or companies limited by guarantee) or a company that has not yet traded within the current financial year and has not received any other income. This is stated as no significant accounting transactions. Any fees paid to Companies House and bank interest is not classified as a significant accounting transaction.

Directors must still file annual accounts and supply Companies House confirmation statements yearly. Late accounts filing will incur penalties, even if the company is dormant.

What is classified as a significant accounting transaction?

A company can be classified as dormant if it has had no significant accounting transactions in the current financial tax year. A company is eligible for dormant status if no significant accounting transaction has been made.

On the other hand, for Corporation tax purposes, the company will not be classified as dormant if it has a significant accounting transaction such as paid employees, bank charges, bank account interest, finalised invoices, or pay dividends to any shareholder. This is because these are all classed as significant accounting transactions that would not render a company dormant.

It’s worth noting that any financial transactions relating to filing fees paid to Companies House penalties are excluded from the above and do not count as significant transactions. Aside from those, the only transaction allowed to be considered dormant company status is payment for shares.

How often do I need to file accounts?

Dormant companies must file dormant company accounts at Companies House once every 12 months. You can renew the service each year for £49.99 excl. VAT to make sure you submit on time each year.

How often do I need to file accounts?

Dormant companies must file dormant company accounts at Companies House once every 12 months. You can renew the service each year for £49.99 excl. VAT to make sure you submit on time each year.

Who can use this service?

Any limited company registered with Companies House and with a dormant status can use this service, even if you did not form your company with TaxBite.

If you’re a non-trading company, TaxBite can file your dormant accounts and submit dormant accounts on your behalf, as well as a nil Corporation Tax return.

What’s included in this filing service?

TaxBite has helped numerous dormant companies file their dormant company accounts with Companies House. We are delighted to be able to offer the following services for our clients who have a dormant limited company:

Submission of form AA02 dormant company accounts (DCA)
Speedy turnaround time (especially for companies close to their deadline)
Companies House accounts acceptance/confirmation statement
Once Companies House accepts the submission/accounts, TaxBite will contact you.

What information is required to file dormant company accounts?

If you are a new client, we will need your company number and name, shares paid and unpaid, web filing authentication code, confirmation statement, and the name of one of your company directors. If you’re already working with us, we just require your company number, company name, and any shares paid or unpaid to file dormant accounts online.

We also have a questionnaire for new clients submitting their accounts with us. This allows us to analyse your business activity to ensure your company is eligible to be considered dormant, and if so, it will help us to submit them correctly.

How long does it take?

If all required information is in place, then preparing and filing dormant accounts with Companies House online service usually takes 1 working day. However, we suggest you file dormant accounts at least 4 working days before the due date to avoid any late filing penalties.

TaxBite cannot take responsibility should you incur late filing penalties and fines if you do not apply for our filing service at least 4 working days before your dormant company accounts are due.

Can I buy this service if I did not register my company via TaxBite?

Yes, we would be delighted to assist you and file dormant accounts on your behalf. We just need your company name and number, any shares you’ve paid or unpaid, your webfiling authentication code, and one of your company directors’ names.

Is there a penalty for filing late dormant company accounts?

Yes, limited companies will receive penalties for any late filing of accounts at Companies House. This starts at a rate of £150 and grows the longer that accounts remain unfiled past the deadline.

If the same company files late accounts for two years in a row, the late fees are doubled. Director(s) of the company may also face prosecution as they would be failing what they are legally responsible to do. Any penalties relating to accounts money paid are not classed as significant accounting transactions, so such transactions will not affect your dormant status.

Can LLPs file dormant company accounts?

No. LLPs (limited liability partnerships) are not eligible to file dormant accounts with Companies House and will be required to deliver annual accounts (non-dormant accounts) as usual.

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