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Suppose you’re spending money on an accountant to file your annual accounts even though your company is not currently trading. In that case, we want to help you save time and money by filing as a dormant company with the Companies House register.

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Why TaxBite?

Allow the experienced team at TaxBite Bolton to take care of your company’s accounting records and avoid any of the typical ‘dormant company fails’.

Our professional accountants have worked with numerous limited companies to ensure Companies House confirmation statements, company tax return filings, and other returns are paid to Companies House with zero chance of late fees. And that includes dormant companies!

You are most likely eligible for dormant company status if there isn’t a significant accounting transaction within your company accounting records. Click the link below to save time and money today.

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What are dormant company accounts?

Dormant company accounts are a set of simplified accounts that reduce accounting needs for businesses that are not trading. The director’s report and profit and loss accounts are not required to be submitted with dormant company accounts, meaning less time and money is spent.

Companies do not need to file a Company Tax Return or pay Corporation Tax once HMRC has been told the companies are dormant unless further notice to deliver either has been received. Dormant does mean different things for both Company Tax Returns and Corporation Tax, as well as a company’s annual filings submitted to Companies House.

In some cases dormant companies are setup to pay less tax.

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How often must dormant company accounts be filed?

Even though a company is dormant, annual accounts must be filed to Companies House each and every financial year. If not, delayed filing fees will be charged for each accounting period.

How does this service work?

We’ve aimed to make filing your dormant accounts as seamless and straightforward as possible.

  1. Click below and enter your details.
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  3. Our team will email your a questionnaire to complete online
  4. Based on your answers, we will aim to file your accounts within 1 working day.
  5. Once Companies House has accepted your dormant company accounts, you will receive confirmation from us via email.

You can renew our dormant company accounts service for £49.99, excl VAT annually.

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