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If you are looking for qualified QuickBooks accountants, then you have come to the right place. Our team of chartered accountants will be able to assist with your accounting needs.

What is QuickBooks accounting software?

QuickBooks accountants software is a desktop and online app that allows users to process payments and bills. It’s developed by Intuit inc and is for small and medium business accounts.

Why choose TaxBite as your QuickBooks accountant?

TaxBite accounting services are available to clients looking for assistance with QuickBooks. Our tech-savvy chartered accountants are fully up-to-speed with the latest tech, including any updates to the software. Click below for a free consultation to find out more about our services.

With TaxBite you will get a free 45-minute strategy session your own dedicated account manager to support you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

QuickBooks Accountants

Why choose QuickBooks?

QuickBooks software has been created to support and help businesses flourish. With advanced safeguarding and encryption, Online keeps any client data protected.

QuickBooks also lets users sync with bank feeds and apps to ensure that accounts and books are updated. It has been hailed as the top accounting software for small businesses, in terms of managing cash flow and keeping on top of unpaid invoices.

As the highest rated mobile app, clients and accounting professionals can get paid faster, gain access to specific services, and manage investment business activities in one convenient place. Users will save valuable time and resources by eradicating manual data entry, which is especially important for a new or small business just starting out.

Which QuickBooks product is right for me?

Depending on your specific business requirements, QuickBooks has the perfect bookkeeping support solution. Below is an overview of each available QuickBooks product so you can find the right solution for your business.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online software is a web-based solution that allows businesses access anywhere at any time. All you need is an Internet connection! QuickBooks Online is perfect for businesses and clients looking to:

With the ability to streamline your workflow, and access required data from anywhere via the cloud, QuickBooks Online is available anytime.

QuickBooks Online Accountant

QuickBooks Online Accountant has been designed specifically to support accountants in managing their clients’ data and creating or starting their own practice. Specific tools within the software are designed especially for accountants, allowing them to review data more easily.

QuickBooks Online Accountant software enables you to manage bookkeeping and access other specific tools for accountants. The dashboard is free for bookkeepers and accountants working in practice. If you wish to add clients after this practice, it will no longer be free and you will be subject to fees.

QuickBooks Desktop

For clients with a desktop computer, QuickBooks Desktop is a product that can be installed for free, and stores data either on a network server or locally. This means the solution can be used offline, which is one of the many attractive features.

There are three products under the Desktop line, and these are:

There are many available features, such as:

QuickBooks for Mac

For Mac users, there is a product for you. With QuickBooks Mac, you can:

QuickBooks Payroll

For those looking for Payroll management, QuickBooks offer support and tools to pay liabilities, generate paychecks, create quarterly tax forms, general accounting support, calculate net pay and taxes. QuickBooks Payroll is available on Desktop and Online.

Contact us for a free consultation to start using Payroll.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

If you’re a contractor, Entrepreneur, or Freelancer, then QuickBooks Self-Employed accounting software is the perfect product for you and your clients.

Self-Employed enables you to easily track your expenses and income. What’s more, is that you can separate your personal and business transactions with the software package.

With QuickBooks Self-Employed, users can:

For support with audit work, clients, and data entry, existing users of the software should hire accountants or certified QuickBooks proadvisors.

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)

QuickBooks POS is the perfect product to support users looking to track inventory as they sell. You can sync data entry, track UPCs, change prices, and generate discounts. You can also connect POS with a cash register.

All of the above packages are registered trademarks of Intuit inc. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice. Contact us for a free consultation to start using any of the aforementioned packages.

How much does Quickbooks accounting software cost?

With the many various QuickBooks software packages available, there are a few costs to note.

Self-Employed – £4 per month

Simple Start – £12 per month

Essentials Plan – £9 per month

Plus Plan – £13.50 per month

Commonly asked questions about QuickBooks software

Does QuickBooks charge vat?

QuickBooks calculates the tax rate for a sale automatically. The calculation is based on the customer or client’s tax status, where the product or service is sold or shipped to, and the tax or VAT category.

You can change VAT settings in the Advanced section of Account and Settings via QuickBooks online.

Does QuickBooks do payroll?

Managing payroll has never been so effortless with QuickBooks Payroll. With this software package, you are able to remain compliant with maternity and paternity leave, sick payments, and more.

Payroll software also enables automatic tax code updates which are HMRC-recognised. You can also enroll your employees to a Pension. Payslips are created and shared automatically.

Automatic tax codes is important because in some cases employees receive Tax code 1257L.

Does QuickBooks do invoices?

There are many ways to create an invoice using QuickBooks. You can set up the creation of an invoice in your workflow.

To create your first invoice, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Invoicing part of your Dashboard, and click on the ‘Send your first invoice’ button.
  2. Select the customer to invoice. If the customer is new, you will be able to add their details to your Customer List here.
  3. Choose the payment terms such as, how many days the customer or client has to pay the invoice.
  4. Enter what service or product was sold.
  5. Send the invoice. This can be done via email by entering the client or customer’s email address here.

You can customise your invoice by adding a logo, changing the template and colours, and more. Make sure you’ve got online payments set up, which you can do by selecting ‘Get set up’ on the payment options section of the invoice.

For more support, contact the TaxBite for a free consultation to start using this amazing tool.

Does QuickBooks work on mac?

Yes, Mac users can use QuickBooks for Mac. It’s worth noting that the only available product version is for Mac 2019, which is sufficient for small businesses.

Does QuickBooks do corporation tax?

You can file Corporation Tax returns easily in one place using QuickBooks. This tax return software automatically organises, calculates, and prepares Making Tax Digital for VAT returns.

Does QuickBooks have nominal codes?

How to cancel a QuickBooks subscription?

It’s fairly straightforward to cancel your subscription. The following steps will enable you to go ahead and cancel:

  1. Sign in to the admin account using a web browser (not mobile)
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Select Account and Settings
  4. Navigate to Billing & Subscription
  5. Click Cancel Subscription

Is Quickbooks easy to learn?

QuickBooks can be tricky for those who haven’t used similar accounting software before. There are, however, some great training resources that help users learn all of the features that QuickBooks accountant software has to offer.

For a more hands-on learning approach, you can also opt in to instructor-led QuickBooks certified courses. These are referred to as QuickBooks Classes. and are offered in a class setting, or online.

The classes are great for those looking to practice accounting via third party apps, app integration for existing clients, and how to manage cash flow while making tax digital.

Hire a Quickbooks Accountants Expert

If you’re interested in making tax digital, and want some support in using accounting software, our chartered accountants are eager to hear from you.

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As experienced tech-savvy accountants, the TaxBite team can assist and support existing users of the software. Whether you are existing clients of ours, or a new business, we’d love to hear from you.

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