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Are you looking for accountants London you can trust? Our chartered accountants offer a comprehensive range of accountancy services designed to make life easier for you and save you money in the process. Even if you think you would be better off without the accounting services of a professional team like ours, look at the following page to see why we think you are wrong.

We offer an initial consultation appointment for free that will allow you to see if you offer the best professional service. As well as giving you some helpful financial advice and insight into how we could save you money.

Is this the first time you have considered hiring chartered accountants? Perhaps you are looking to switch from your current North West accountant to an alternative, you will be keen to learn what we can do for you. We offer a broad range of accountancy services, including:

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Our Accountancy Services

Although many people see accountancy services as amounting to nothing more than bookkeeping, at Tax Bite, we do so much more. Accounting services could be an umbrella term for all the different things we do for our clients, whether they are business owners or individuals who just want to keep track of their taxes.


Over the years, many individuals have given up their 9 to 5 jobs and gone into business for themselves. This is normally so they can enjoy a better work-life balance and take a larger slice of their profits. It also offers great benefits such as being able to choose when they work, how they work, and who they work with.

Of course, all these benefits do not come without some drawbacks. For one thing, along with the flexibility and freedom that going it alone gives you, you must deal with some of the more laborious and complex aspects of business that are normally dealt with automatically through PAYE. That is, you must deal with your tax responsibilities.

HMRC have made it so anyone can file and submit a tax return. You can even do it online now. However, just because it is, in practical terms, easy to do, doesn’t mean it is easy to do well or accurately.

You could spend a lot of time (and we do mean a lot of time) trying to learn and understand the ins and outs of UK tax regulations and what is expected from you in your personal tax return.

As well as making sure your tax return has been filled out correctly and is sent on time, we will also help to keep you informed of the deadline for your tax bill.

Dedicated Accountants
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Company Tax Services

If you are a business owner, it is not just your tax return and tax bill that you need to be concerned about. You have your corporate tax return and tax bill to think about. Fortunately, in our capacity as fully qualified chartered accountants in London, we can help you every step of the way, from one tax year to the next.

As well as ensuring that all your business transactions are recorded and included in your corporate tax return calculations, we can also make sure you are saving money where possible.

There are so many businesses, big and small, that could be increasing their profits by reducing their tax. But aren’t because they don’t know what they can and cannot count as claimable expenses. If necessary, we will provide automated prompts that let you know the deadlines for submitting your tax return and bill.

Perhaps one of the key aspects of your business taxes we can help with is ensuring that you are not unnecessarily paying too much on your tax bill. There are many business expenses you can claim back. However, as this can be quite tricky and complex, it is best to seek professional advice as to which expenses you can and can’t claim back on.

Business Advice

If you are new to living as a business owner and the buck stops with only you, then it can be very intimidating directing your company. As with anything running a small or medium business, you may be looking to save as much money as possible by trying to take on the responsibility of everything yourself.

While this may work initially as you build up your business, your interest gains and the more people want to use your services and buy your products, the quicker your time and resources will run out. Even if you had some accounting experience, your knowledge is unlikely to match the professional team here at Tax Bite.

Given our size, our accounting expertise and industry experience, we know just how much is involved in taking care of business accounts. Our business advisors can help you to make the best decisions to make your business thrive.

Bookkeeping London

One of the main areas of accounting that people often mistake as the only important part of accounting services they need to be concerned about is bookkeeping is vital. However, because it may appear as simply a basic logging of all transactions across a month or other set period, many business owners try to take on the responsibility of it themselves.

While you may feel that will save you some money unless you are a financial whizz and have qualifications in accounting or bookkeeping, it may rob you of money, time and energy. Money, time and energy could be better spent elsewhere.

At Tax Bite, we bring over ten years of experience in the accounting industry. During that time, we held the position as the leading accountancy firm and worked with many small and medium-sized businesses, helping them keep their books in order.

Rather than treating your business the same as we treat all other businesses, we will take a bespoke and customised approach. That way, we can find the bookkeeping options that suit your business best. One of the big benefits of choosing Tax Bite as your chartered accountant to take care of your business accounts is that we offer the choice of on-site or off-site bookkeeping.

If you prefer to have someone on-site to work with them in person, we can provide you with a qualified and certified accountant on a regular or occasional basis. All you need to do is make sure that there is a place where the member of our team can set up and work from.

If you run a smaller business and don’t have business premises, or it is too small to accommodate additional staff, you can choose to avail your business of our bookkeeping expertise online. As we hope to provide you with the right service plan, you can also opt for on-site and off-site bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is essential for helping to keep your accounts when it comes to filing your tax return. If you would like to find out more about Tax Bite and our approach to bookkeeping, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details found at the bottom of this page or on our Contact Us page.

Small Business Accountants London

As we have already discussed, taking on the responsibility for your accounting can be very tempting when you are a relatively new and small business. You may reason that it will increase your profit margin if you are not paying out for professional accountants.

However, by taking on this kind of specialist work yourself, you miss out on the expertise that a team like the one we have at Tax Bite can bring to your company. Our accountants have worked with various companies for over 10 years we have been active in the industry.

We have the experience, in-depth knowledge, and expertise to help you with your small business account needs. Whether it’s simply bookkeeping, tax advice, support, or business advice, we’re the team you need.

Management Accounts

Like most small business owners and sole traders, you are likely trying to grow and expand your business. Though standard accountancy services like bookkeeping and self-assessment tax support and help, there are more direct ways accountants can help your business.

Management accounts are a phrase noted on many accountants’ websites. Have you ever stopped to wonder what this service involves?

Management accounts, also known as managerial accounts, are financial reports produced on your behalf by experienced accountants that involve a balance sheet, cash position, profit and loss statement and key performance indicators. The main goal is to reduce your losses while increasing your profits. This can help you to make better-informed decisions. As business advisers for your company, we can help you improve things.

If you want to learn more about our management accounts service here at Tax Bite, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. You can do this by either giving us a call, dropping us an email or using the form found on our Contact Us page.

Chartered Accountants

The industry nowadays is overrun by various financial experts and accountancy firms. While claiming to be the best accountant firm for your business, many of these are anything but.

As well as general accountancy qualifications and experienced, you need to choose chartered members of professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) or the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Why Pick Tax Bite?

You may be at the stage where you realise you need professional accountants’ help. As many accounting firms are active in London, you may wonder who you should choose as your professional accountancy firm. At Tax Bite, we believe we offer the best value for money, customer service and expertise at affordable rates.

We have put together a list of some of the benefits you can avail yourself and/or your company of by choosing our accounting services.

Your Dedicated Accountant

Many London accountancy firms out there claim to be focused on your company and its finances but don’t assign the same individual to your accounts. Although this may not seem like so important, because after all, you are getting professional services, it can be frustrating.

For one thing, when they do not know the ins and outs of your company or personal accounts and finances, it makes it quite a laborious and stressful situation when you need to solve a problem or query. They might have to spend some time bringing themselves up to speed with who you are and what you do and look over your accounts before even answering a simple question.

At Tax Bite, we do things differently. We always add one specific accountant to your company or personal finances to provide a truly personal service. This means that when you need help, advice or have a query, you can be dealt with much quicker and more effectively. It also helps to build trusting and long-lasting relationships between you and our team.

Certified Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

Everything, including bookkeeping and other aspects of accounting, has been going digital these days. Online bookkeeping and accounting software makes things easier and can save you space in your office, or if you don’t have one, wherever you work from.

Most modern bookkeeping and accounting software suites are designed with the average joe in mind. They are easy enough to do the most basic of tasks on. However, if you want to benefit from using them, it is better to do so through a team like Tax Bite.

Our chartered accountants are whizzes when it comes to understanding the basics and the more complex features of online accounting and bookkeeping software. They are fully qualified and certified in the use of many of the biggest names in the industry, including:

Whether you are already using one of the above software suites or would like to start using them, we can help you at Tax Bite. Even if you are looking to switch, we can accommodate you. For more information about our accounting and bookkeeping software services, speak to one of our team today.

Fair and Transparent Prices

Just as many accountancy firms claim to offer the best service possible but do not assign a dedicated accountant to your books, others simply charge extortionate prices. Often, the price you eventually pay for their services is not what you agreed to when they provided you with a quote. They use tactics like adding surcharges and hidden fees.

We recommend you stay clear of any company that does not provide you with a full breakdown of the costs you are expected to pay for their services before you sign any contract.

At Tax Bite, we are pleased to say that you will not have that experience or problem. We offer truly transparent prices that are among the most affordable and cost-effective. Everything you are expected to pay for will be marked out on the bill, and you will not be charged extra or charged for any services you do not use.

Tax Deadline Reminders

Whether you are running a small business in London or operating as a sole trader, one of the trade-offs when you become self-employed is that, yes, you get freedom and flexibility. However, you also must deal with tax yourself as you are not on PAYE. On a foundational level, tax returns and bills can be simple, and anyone can fill them out. That’s if they are straightforward.

When you run a business of any type in any industry, regardless of size, though, things are anything but simple. It can be all too easy to put off dealing with tax returns and bills until the last minute or completely forget the deadlines. At Tax Bite, we want to ensure that doesn’t happen.

One of the ways we do this, aside from providing you with the qualified and experienced tax advisory services and support you need, can also set up automated reminders about when your next tax return is due and when you need to pay your tax bill and how much.

How Much Do London Accountants Charge?

London accountancy firms charge anywhere from £60 to £6,000.

The reason why the figure is so vague is because it comes down to how much experience the accountancy firm, if they are chartered and also what service you are after.

If you want a detailed guide check out our article on how much do accountants charge.

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