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Running a small business can be an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. Although it takes a lot of hard work to build your business up, you have full control and freedom to develop that small business into whatever kind of business you want.

However, along with the freedom and flexibility to make the small business whatever you want, you also have the responsibility for taking care of everything. That includes small business accounting, figuring out your tax liability, filing tax returns (both personal self-assessment tax returns and corporation tax returns, if you have registered your business as a limited company), monthly bookkeeping so much more.

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Whether it’s because you have a relatively tight budget to work with or because you just want to have complete control over everything, trying to juggle your business-critical responsibilities and tasks with those related to small business accounting can make life harder than it needs to be, particularly if you are already in a highly competitive sector.

That’s why we recommend you consider the specialist small business accounting services for small businesses that we offer here at Tax Bite.

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Why Choose Our Small Business Accounting Services for Small Businesses?

As an organisation that started life as a small business, we understand well the different challenges, pressures and anxieties associated with running small businesses. This puts us in a unique position to not only offer qualified and certified accounting services but with the full knowledge of what it takes to run a small business.

Personal Approach to Accounting Services for Small Businesses

At Tax Bite, we don’t believe in doing things the same way as everyone else. Rather than speaking to a different individual, who is not always fully qualified, each time you want help with your business accounts. Whether you are looking for business and tax advice, or another accounting service, when you hire Tax Bite, you get your dedicated accountant.

As a small business owner, you will want to know your business accounts are being looked after by someone who knows your small business almost as well as you. When they start working with you, they will take the time to get to know your company and understand your goals for the future.

Types of businesses we help

Here are a list of businesses we help:

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Access to Online Accounting Software

Just like everything else in business these days, much of the normal daily, monthly and yearly accounting services for small businesses can be handled online. If you are interested in receiving help from cloud-based accounting software, speak to the team at Tax Bite.

All small businesses and small business owners are different, and all have preferences for the online accounting software they prefer to use. Whether you have a preferred platform or software or are open to suggestions, our chartered accountants here at Tax Bite are fully versed and certified in many of the most popular.

This includes:

Unlimited and Unparalleled Advice

Unless you have an official qualification or lengthy experience in accountancy, accounting for small businesses can be intimidating and confusing. That is why you need the help we can provide here at Tax Bite. Your very own dedicated accountant will be able to give you unlimited expert advice.

Whether it’s concerning your accounts and tax, business and tax advice, help make you more business more tax-efficient or how to improve your company’s growth. Our team of dedicated small business accountants have experience working with various small businesses across different industries and sectors.

We are proud to say we believe our small business accountancy services, expert tax advice and the various other ways we have helped small business clients in the past have had a lasting effect and can transform your business into a successful business.

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Clear and Transparent Prices

It is an unfortunate but sad fact there are many small business accountants and accounting businesses that are looking to extract as much money from small business owners just like you. As well as taking care to ensure you get a friendly team of chartered certified accountants who offer excellent service and excellent value for money, you need to be aware that some additional hidden costs to their bills.

At Tax Bite, we find this process disgusting and would never conduct business with our sole traders and small businesses. We operate on the principle of “you get what you pay for” when it comes to our accounting services. We will always discuss our costs and fees upfront with you and you only need to pay for the accounting services you use. There will be no surprising hidden costs or surcharges added that you were not informed about.

Tax Efficiency Advice and Reviews

With your small business constantly evolving, and hopefully, growing, it’s important to have ongoing business and tax advice, especially when it comes to ensuring your business is as tax efficient as possible. The dedicated accountant assigned to you can perform crucial tax efficiency reviews on your business and offer advice on actions you should be taking and things you should be declaring as expenses on your tax returns.

At Tax Bite, our chartered accountants are fully dedicated to their role and will go through your accounts with a fine-tooth comb, so that you are not missing out on any single expense you could be claiming back.

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Deadline Reminders

When you are trying to juggle so many roles and responsibilities in charge of a small business, it can be hard trying to keep track of all the different timeframes and deadlines you must submit forms. Not submitting forms to HMRC and Companies House, can mean more than setting you back, though. There are serious fines that can be charged to your tax accounts for not filing tax returns and making the necessary payments on time.

With the help of our team of small business accountants, though, this does not need to be a problem. We can set up automated reminders that will be sent to you to let you know when you need to start preparing and filing returns, your monthly accounts and even your year statutory year-end accounts.

Our Services

As we provide first-class accounting that meets the various needs and challenges of small businesses in the UK, we have a comprehensive menu of services you can choose from

Business and Tax Advice

At Tax Bite we provide new start-ups and small businesses with business management, growth and tax planning and advice services.

Qualified and Results-Driven Business Advice

Over the years, Tax Bite has worked with a variety of small businesses and business owners registered as sole traders with HMRC. One of the ways we can use that valuable experience is by supplying highly effective and actionable business advice on how to manage and grow your company while taking into consideration the industry you operate in.

It does not matter whether you are looking to improve your cash flow, raise finance or need guidance and aid with strategic planning to help you meet your business goals, we are here with you every step of the way.

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Tax Planning and Advice

Tax is one area that so many businesses and business owners overlook and take for granted, at least in part because it is such a complicated aspect of a business. Even if you are one of the business owners that realises its importance, it could be a massive misstep if you decide to try and manage your business tax on your own.

Instead, you should turn to Tax Bite.

Affordable Business Rates

Are You Spending Too Much on Business Rates?

It has almost become the done thing – extremely inflated business rates being paid by companies who are then losing thousands due to these blatant overcharges. At Tax Bite, we know how much this kind of practice can affect your company, which is why we provide an exclusive and detailed reclaiming business rates service. We have already helped previous clients reclaim thousands in business rates.

Why you could be overcharged business rates

  • Local councils are billing tenants and landlords the wrong rental costs as the bills are issued before any of the needed adjustments are made
  • Owners of vacant buildings are only able to claim limited support, while owners of industrial buildings can claim full support back
  • Small business rate relief is not being applied for
  • Charitable relief is not being issued
  • Empty property (building) relief is not being applied

Contact Tax Bite directly today to find out more about our business rates review and reclaiming service.

Bookkeeping Services

Let us do all the challenging work. There is no denying it – bookkeeping is laborious, at times complicated, dull and a waste of your energy. Especially if you try to take care of it yourself. It can be incredibly involved, so you will be distracted away from what you should concentrate on – growing your business.

That is why we recommend turning to the team here at Tax Bite. When we take over the responsibility of ensuring that your monthly and yearly books are correct, detailed and up to date, it frees up your and your team’s time to spend on more business-critical tasks and projects.

Our Bookkeeping Can Be Used as a Part of More Comprehensive Accountancy Services

If you hire Tax Bite to look after your accounts, we can then use that information for any other services you hire us for, whether it’s helping to make your business more tax-efficient or submitting tax returns.

Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Software

Another huge benefit of choosing to work with Tax Bite is the fact that we can provide certified and qualified support and use the best bookkeeping and accounting software on the market. We have the expertise and are fully certified in GoCardless, Xero, FreshBooks, FreeAgent, Sage, Dext, and QuickBooks.

Whether you are currently using one of these platforms or not, we can work with your preferred accounting software application.

As modern bookkeeping software is cloud-based and digital, there is a distinct lack of paperwork. Something you may find appealing if you only have a small office space or business premises, to begin with.

For more information about our bookkeeping services for your small business, contact one of the Tax Bite team today. We are looking forward to helping you organise and grow your body.

Corporation Tax and Company Accounts

Are you currently running your small business as a limited company or are you looking at the possibility of registering as one soon? Tax Bite has the relevant industry experience, expertise and passion for the business that can help you manage and run your limited company effectively.

We can provide help with your company’s corporation tax compliances and company accounts.

Corporation Tax and Year-End Company Accounts

Working on your behalf, Tax Bite accountants will correctly file your annual accounts on time, as required by HMRC and Companies House, along with the needed complete CT600 Corporation Tax Returns.

All the accounts for your business will be submitted using the correct formats, whether it’s abbreviated accounts or complete and comprehensive accounts. We will run with the fullest compliance with your disclosure requirements.

There is no need to worry about your company’s penalties because our team here at Tax Bite and the resolute accountant working on your behalf will ensure you are never late meeting a submission deadline.

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Company Statutory Accounts – Understanding What They Are?

Every company is responsible for preparing its Company/Statutory Accounts yearly. The whole point of this is that it provides a simplified breakdown, an overview of the financial condition of your Limited Company during the previous year and how well it is performing in general.

Each financial year, these documents should be fully completed accurately and submitted to your shareholders and other key board members, Companies House and HMRC.

What is Involved in Company Statutory Accounts?

All statutory accounts are tailormade to a limited company depending on its size. There are five different kinds of Limited Companies right now in the UK –

  • Micro-Entity
  • Small Company
  • Medium-Sized Company
  • Large Company
  • Dormant Company

Although it will be slightly different from one company to the next, the general contents of a company account should include:

  • Cashflow statement
  • Statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss accounts also referred to as income account
  • Account notes
  • Director’s report
  • Auditor’s report
  • And more

While company accounts are designed to present an overview of the business’s health so that stakeholders and decision-makers can guide the company effectively, they do not need to be comprehensive. With this kind of documentation, the adage “less is more” applies.

Corporation Tax Returns

Along with company statutory accounts, limited companies should submit their company tax returns to HMRC and Companies House. This should explain how you calculated corporation tax, including the profits and loss account. It is important to note that the profits and loss account for corporation tax returns is different to the one for statutory accounts. The best way to make sure all these critical tasks and documents are filed correctly and on time is by hiring a qualified and certified accountant at Tax Bite.

All our small business accountants are fully qualified and passionate and have worked for many years with successful small businesses organising them, planning their tax strategies and helping them to improve their efficiency.

Company Formations

If you are just at the stage of forming your company, there is no better time to seek out the help of small business accountants, like the trained experts we have at Tax Bite. Although there are company formation agencies that can help you with the first steps, they are often not experienced with the tax side of things. At Tax Bite we can offer it all.

Start Trading Almost Immediately

When you have a great idea and business plan in place, you just want to get going with your business. The company formation process can slow down your enthusiasm and drive if you try to take care of it on your own. Rather than do that, you should consider hiring one of our team here at Tax Bite to take care of it all for you.

We can fill out and submit your company formation paperwork so your business can start trading at once, meaning you can capitalise on all that enthusiasm and motivation you have in the beginning.

For more information about how Tax Bite accountants can help you with the company formation process and documentation, please contact us today.

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Payroll for Small Businesses

It is not just accounts and tax that we can help you with here at Tax Bite. Our fully qualified and certified accountants can ensure that you do not miss any deadlines and that the Business Payroll system you have in place complies with the Real-Time Information (RTI for short) reporting requirements outlined by HMRC.

Still not sure if you need the help of our Payroll services? Look at the benefits below.

Increased Productivity

Like many things related to business accounting and tax, Payroll administration is a very time-consuming and boring process. If you do not have the necessary qualifications and experience in this aspect of business, it will take up a lot of your time and energy – time and energy you could better spend on growing and expanding your business.

That is why it is a clever idea to turn to the team here at Tax Bite. We can take care of all the boring and laborious payroll administration work, allowing you and your team freedom to work harder on the actual business itself.

Maximised Profits

While dealing with your payroll administration, our team here at Tax Bite will look into your dividends and salaries to plan out a more tax-efficient remuneration strategy for your business. This means your business will minimise the tax it pays while maximising its profits.

We can also perform a tax audit for your small business to check if you are overpaying on tax. Here is a guide on how to pay less tax.

Support of Payroll Experts

Tax Bite are expert in Payroll. When you turn to us and hire us for this aspect of your business, you get the support and skills of payroll experts. We will do all the demanding work for your business, meaning you reap all the benefits.

Personal Tax Returns and Self-Assessment Tax Returns

The HMRC tax regulations and requirements currently in effect are incredibly complex, you must receive the most up-to-date and comprehensive, specialist advice so your Self-Assessment and Personal Tax Returns can be completed and submitted within the deadlines.

Personal Tax Returns

Although HMRC collects your income tax from savings, pensions and wages automatically, if you have other income, from a small business, for instance, you need to report this to them through a personal tax return.

Why Hire Tax bite for Your Self-Assessment and Personal Tax Returns?

Although tax returns can be filled out by anyone, without the knowledge and expertise of a qualified certified accountant and tax expert, it is extremely easy to make mistakes in the preparation and filing of your tax returns.

Hiring Tax Bite is one way to make sure none of these mistakes happens. We offer comprehensive accounting service and can oversee everything involved in filing tax returns.

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Who Needs a Self-Assessment?

If you are unsure whether you need to file a self-assessment tax return or not, consider whether you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are part of a partnership or self-employed
  • You have received income during the last year from letting property or land
  • You have untaxed savings or income
  • You have a sizeable investment or savings income
  • You have received profits through selling assets and must pay Capital Gains Tax
  • You have been working in the role of company director
  • You and your partner received income that exceeds £50,000 and is currently claiming Child Benefit
  • You have lived and worked abroad
  • You have received income from somewhere abroad

Accountants for Small Businesses – Frequently Asked Questions

At Tax Bite, we are asked a lot of questions by small businesses about our services, how they work and how they can help potential clients. We have provided a list of the most common questions and the relevant answers to help you decide whether you want to hire Tax Bite as your small business accountant or not.

Tax Bite Dedicated Small Business Accountant Testimonials

Over the years, we have been proud to work for various small businesses, sole traders and limited companies. If you are still looking to find the best small business accounting firm for your own business, consider Tax Bite.

Don’t take just our word for it, though. Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients who have used our accounting service and worked directly with a dedicated small business accountant from our team have to say about the experience.

What Others Say About Us

“When I established by start up a couple of years ago I needed peace of mind and peace of mind is what I got in the form of unlimited expert advice and accounting services. They helped to send invoices, provided me with regular automated reminders and ensured my business was fully compliant and ensured the process of making tax digital was a relatively simple one”


“I was looking for a professional accounting service I could afford to initially take care of my annual accounts and tax efficiency. The accountancy firm that stood out from the crowd was Tax Bite. The personal service I received from the online accountants that make up their dedicated team helped make my tax digital and my company registration. I recommend that you contact them today to take advantage of their free consultation and accounting needs.”


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If you currently run a small business or are in the starting stage of opening one, speak to Tax Bite today. We have many different small business accounting packages available that can help you to run your business smoothly, stay tax-efficient and ensure you comply with all requirements and regulations from HMRC.

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