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TaxBite is one of the leading financial support services in the UK, and we provide a range of advice to clients across the country. Our expert team can help with Value Added Tax (VAT) returns, along with providing several other VAT registration services.

In the UK, any new company can register for VAT voluntarily at any point in the process. However, all businesses must register for VAT before they reach £85,000 in turnover or if they predict they will do so in the current financial year.

TaxBite has helped hundreds of businesses with their VAT registration such as:

We provide a comprehensive vat registration service that can make the process easier for all.

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Why Choose Us?

TaxBite is an experienced financial firm that works with accredited tax advisors, so we can offer the best solutions to our clients. Our company has over 10 years of experience working with the UK economy and has helped hundreds of businesses become VAT registered companies & pay less tax every year.

We have a variety of tax services on offer that can support any sole trader. With great expertise in UK VAT rules, our company offers a comprehensive vat registration service that includes everything from obtaining your VAT registration certificate to advice on how to pay HMRC on time.

All of the work we do is compliant with government guidelines, and we have an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Our company can help with a new business as well as those who are already established throughout their financial process. Additional services are also available for our clients in the UK and EU countries.

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VAT Registration Services
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What Is a VAT Registration Service?

A VAT registration service is a way of making the VAT registration process easier to complete. VAT is value added tax and is a complicated form of payment that all businesses should make.

As a business, you should charge VAT on your goods and services, as well as be able to reclaim VAT once you have a VAT number.

We understand that running a small business or just getting started in your chosen sector means you have a lot of work to get done, so getting time to register for VAT may seem impossible. It is possible to register for VAT voluntarily, but it must be done before you reach the VAT threshold of £85,000 if you are dealing in the UK or European Union.

So if you want to give a good impression of your business or will reach this threshold in the near future, you must register for VAT.

Being VAT registered will give the impression you are running a well-established company, so it is something all sole traders should do ahead of time. The entire process can be completed on your behalf using a VAT registration service like the one we offer.

In the VAT services provided by our team, we can get you registered for VAT by an effective date for your local time. We will take care of the VAT registration documents and required procedures for you and submit them to HMRC.

Once your company application has been approved, we will send your VAT Registration number to you.

Working with our team makes registering for VAT easier than ever before, and we help our customers by filing one VAT return form on their behalf and working with them to register. This work is done for a flat rate and covers all the required procedures that go into VAT registration online.

Why Do I Need To Register For VAT?

VAT is a form of consumption tax that is charged on all goods and services provided by a VAT registered business in the UK or EU.

There is a flat rate scheme for VAT in the UK, which means that if you exceed the turnover of £85,000 in a rolling 12 month period, then you need to pay into the VAT scheme.

It is a legal requirement for businesses surpassing this threshold to be VAT registered, but it is also possible to get registered for VAT before you reach this threshold. Filing the registration early can make things easier for you, which is why our services apply to all sole traders, but there are also additional benefits that come with registering for VAT ahead of this turnover amount.

VAT registrations can be complicated, and this is a complex tax which is why it is best to work with a VAT registration service like ours to get it done right. Whether you are over the VAT threshold, are expected to get an £85,000 turnover in the next 12 months, or simply want to apply for voluntary vat registration, we can help.

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What Types Of Businesses Do You Help For VAT?

We help a variety of businesses become VAT registered, as well as offer other services related to VAT returns and VAT filing.

Our VAT registration service is available for:

If you are offering goods and services within the UK, then it is likely you need to be VAT registered. This is something that is done through the HM Revenue department, and there are new rules regarding the VAT threshold, which is now £85,000.

All businesses that meet this need to pay VAT against their goods and services, but even those who do not have this kind of turnover yet can benefit from paying VAT.

Benefits of Applying For VAT

VAT registered businesses are those who have an over £85,000 turnover or are expected to do so in the next 12 months. However, even if you do not believe this is where your business is going, you could still benefit from VAT registration.

VAT registered companies experience benefits such as:

  • Increase trust with suppliers and customers, as a VAT registration number improves credibility
  • VAT registered companies can reclaim VAT. It is possible to reclaim VAT from the previous four years of filing your VAT return and the previous six months on any services sold
  • If you supply zero-rated goods and services, which means you do not charge VAT on your invoices, you can’t reclaim the input VAT that you pay each quarter
  • Once you register for VAT, you will open up more business opportunities, as many companies will only deal with VAT registered suppliers
  • You can charge VAT on all goods and services and claim this back in your VAT return, even before reaching the required turnover amount
  • You can claim back VAT on food

VAT registered businesses experience many perks that those without a VAT registration number do not, which is why a lot of companies offer to register voluntarily. Your unique VAT registration number can be a good indicator of a well-established company, and it is a way to aid with business-related purchases.

If you are interested in becoming a limited company and getting on the company register VAT list, get in touch with us today.

How Do I Register For VAT?

It is possible to do a VAT registration online with us or with HMRC directly. Working with us can make the registration for VAT easier as we can do all the required procedures on your behalf.

If you do the VAT registration online, there are a lot of forms and information you need, such as your national insurance number, taxable turnover amount, as well as information regarding customer sales. When you work with us, you can sit back as we do all the work on behalf of your business, including getting in touch with HMRC for you.

When Are VAT Returns Due?

VAT returns are due every quarter, but they can be changed to an annual filing if this works better for your business. VAT is payable quarterly.

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Is There A Charge For VAT Registration?

There is no charge for obtaining your VAT number, but you can pay an accountant or a service like ours to help you with the process.

Before you can register as a limited company and get your VAT number, there are some things you need which may cost money to obtain. These include:

  • National Insurance Number (NI) or your tax identifier, which is a unique taxpayer’s reference
  • Certificate of incorporation and companies house incorporation details
  • Information regarding all associated businesses from the past two years
  • Business bank details
  • If the business has been transferred, details of this are required

It is possible to register for VAT online or to use the traditional paper form. Our services can be tailored to suit your needs, and we will gather all of the essential information for you to complete your registration.

What Is A Flat Rate VAT?

Flat Rate VAT is designed to make working out how much a business or companies house owes in VAT.

Through the flat rate scheme, you do not have to calculate your VAT by subtracting all input VAT by the output VAT and instead can keep aside a portion of your VAT turnover for the next bill.

The flat rate scheme is suitable for those with a turnover of less than £150,000 and a valid VAT invoice.

If this does not apply to you, other schemes can make paying VAT easier, such as the Annual Accounting Scheme. Our company can help you determine which is the best scheme for you to use, and we aim to help our customers in every way we can when it comes to applying for and paying VAT.


Can A Small Business Register For VAT?

All kinds of businesses can register for VAT voluntarily.
While the VAT threshold is an annual turnover of £85,000, many benefits come with registering for VAT, even if this does not apply to you.

We help small businesses and any company that is just starting to register for VAT so they can access the benefits that come with this.

How Long Does VAT Registration Take?

The VAT registration process takes typically between 20 and 30 days, but the exact timescale can vary. How quickly you can file the online form and provide the necessary information can impact how long it takes to get your company registered, along with the workload of HMRC.

Why register for VAT?

If your turnover annually is more than £85,000 it is mandatory that you should sign up for VAT.

Benefits of voluntary VAT registration

The main benefit for signing up to VAT is the fact that you are able to claim back VAT from any business you purchase goods or services from. You are able to do this on your VAT bill at the end of the year.


TaxBite is a leading financial services company that operates across the UK. As a leading company in this sector, we offer a range of tax services, including VAT registration.

VAT is a consumption tax that all businesses over a specific threshold need to pay for their goods and services. Applying for VAT is a good idea for any company, even if they do not meet this threshold, and we can help.

The application process can be tricky, which is why our company offers registration services. We can file your registration on behalf of your company and offer a tailored experience to suit your needs.

If you are looking to get registered for VAT, get in touch with us today.