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If you are looking for a FreeAgent Accountant, then you have come to the right place. Our chartered accountant team has helped hundreds of individuals and small businesses onboard with FreeAgent accountancy software.

FreeAgent Accountants

What is FreeAgent accounting software?

FreeAgent accounting software is a tool for freelancers, small businesses, and their accountants. It’s online accounting software that automatically generates invoices while allowing users to keep track of expenses and manage different projects.

Why Choose FreeAgent

FreeAgent is accounting software designed to make business admin and expense tracking as straightforward as possible – for small businesses and traders. Take a photo of your receipts and upload it straight to the FreeAgent app. It’s as simple as that!

With automatic Open Banking bank feeds, you can connect your bank accounts to FreeAgent and import bank transactions to build up real-time accounts.

Why hire TaxBite to help with FreeAgent

While FreeAgent accounting software makes tax digital, it is still recommended that you seek the assistance of chartered accountants to manage your accounts and help you with your self-assessment and other tax returns. 

Hire a dedicated account manager at TaxBite that is accustomed to helping small business owners and freelancers with their monthly Payroll, VAT returns, corporation tax returns, and all the legal “stuff” usually associated with managing accounts.

What are the benefits of using FreeAgent?

FreeAgent has numerous benefits for small business owners, sole traders and freelancers. If you’re looking to efficiently and accurately record your expenses, submit RTI directly to HMRC, upload electronic statements, and receive tax reminders, FreeAgent is the accounting software for you.

Moreover, FreeAgent’s tax timeline enables users to export their specific tax reminders into Google Calendar, Outlook, and other iCal calendars.

If that isn’t already enough, FreeAgent was voted both 2020 and 2021 AccountingWEB Software Awards top product in the SME Accounting/Bookkeeping Software category and winner of the Client App of the Year at the 2021 ICB Luca Awards.

FreeAgent can help with Payroll

Staying on top of PAYE can be challenging for small businesses. FreeAgent allows users to run their monthly Payroll and file their National Insurance and PAYE directly to HMRC.

With FreeAgent accountants software, everything is within one neat system, so you’ll save more time than if you were moving between multiple apps or systems. FreeAgent’s payroll feature will also automatically generate and update your books.

You are also able to generate payslips and P60s automatically each month. What’s more, the payroll system is included for free in the FreeAgent complete package.

FreeAgent can help with vat

You can file VAT returns to HMRC through FreeAgent’s Making Tax Digital connection. However, it’s worth noting that you must sign up for Making Tax Digital and link your FreeAgent account.

FreeAgent has an app

Users can access the FreeAgent mobile app from an Android or iOS device. The app allows you to manage your bills and expenses, organise bank accounts, transactions and feeds, manage your day-to-day admin tasks, and access performance insights. 

FreeAgent helps track mileage

If you use a vehicle to make a business journey, you can make a mileage claim to get tax relief on the cost of insuring, fueling, and maintaining the vehicle. 

You can use FreeAgent software to help keep track of mileage by adding several records at once with bulk upload in the ‘Expenses’ area of your dashboard.

FreeAgent integrates with PayPal

It’s really easy to connect your PayPal to FreeAgent. This will enable your customers to pay you via PayPal. In addition, if you have a PayPal Premier or Business account, all of your transactions will be imported directly and automatically into FreeAgent.

FreeAgent integrates with stripe

Existing Stripe users can enter their email addresses into FreeAgent to connect their associated Stripe accounts and accept Stripe payments from customers and clients.

FreeAgent can make bank payments

You can use FreeAgent to make bank payments by using Payit, a service that NatWest also provides. However, only users that have a primary bank account with Natwest, Ulster bank NI, or Royal Bank of Scotland may make secure payments from FreeAgent using Payit.

FreeAgent can pay employees

New and existing clients can use FreeAgent’s Payroll feature to pay employees. You must have level 8 access to an admin account in order to set up Payroll.

Commonly asked questions about FreeAgent

What does FreeAgent do for accountants?

FreeAgent supports accountants in growing their practice through the use of their award-winning cloud accounting bolton software. Become a partner today and access your Practice dashboard for free, today!

With industry-renowned support, accountants can use all of the features that enable them to file self-assessment liability, VAT returns, corporation tax, and collect bank transactions and cash flow data. Accountants can manage accounting needs on the go with FreeAgent’s mobile app.

Do you still need an accountant with FreeAgent?

FreeAgent simplifies tasks such as submitting your self-assessment tax return directly to HMRC. However, we still recommend hiring a dedicated accountant to sign off on everything and to ensure each tax return is correct. 

Can I learn FreeAgent by myself?

Free training is available, and FreeAgent’s website is host to many handy guides. 

Is FreeAgent as good as Xero?

Xero is the more well-known of the two, and FreeAgent is perfect for small businesses in the UK, with no hidden costs. Of course, NatWest, Mettle, Ulster Bank NI, and Royal Bank of Scotland business bank account users will get the software for free!

How much does FreeAgent cost?

Using FreeAgent is entirely free of cost to Natwest, Ulster Bank NI, RBS, and Mettle business current account users. 

Below are the pricing options; otherwise.

Limited Company

Monthly: FreeAgent will cost limited companies £14.50 per month for the first six months, plus VAT. After that, it will cost £29 per month plus VAT.

Yearly: At a yearly rate of £145 plus VAT for the first 12 months, limited companies will save 45% to start. After the first year, the cost of the plan is £290 plus VAT.

Partnerships & LLP

Monthly: FreeAgent will cost partnerships and LLPs £12 per month for the first six months, plus VAT. After that, it will cost £24 per month plus VAT.

Yearly: At a yearly rate of £120 plus VAT for the first 12 months, partnerships and LLPs will be saving 45% to start. After the first year, the plan’s cost is £240 plus VAT.

Sole Traders

Monthly: For the first six months, FreeAgent will cost a sole trader £9.50 per month, plus VAT. After that, it will cost £19 per month plus VAT.

Yearly: At a yearly rate of £95 plus VAT for the first 12 months, sole traders will save 45% to start. After the first year, the cost of the plan is £190 plus VAT.


FreeAgent for landlords is a brand new plan created for landlords to manage finances for up to five properties. This is to be ready for when Making Tax Digital (MTD) is scheduled to arrive in April 2024. The cost will be £10 per month plus VAT.

If you’re an accountant to any landlords, using this plan can let your landlord clients focus on letting without worrying about a tax return.

How do I switch to FreeAgent?

Your dedicated TaxBite FreeAgent accountant can move you over using their practice dashboard. 

Can my accountant access my FreeAgent account?

FreeAgent seamlessly allows client and accountant integration. Simply add your accountant as a User to your account.

Does NatWest own FreeAgent?

NatWest acquired FreeAgent back in 2018 but is still independently operated.

FreeAgent is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under Payment Services Regulations 2017 register for provision ofaccount information services and registered in sunny Scotland No. SC316774 – One Edinburgh Quay, 133 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK EH3 9QG Copyright © 2022 by FreeAgent.

How much does it cost to hire a FreeAgent accountant?

The cost of hiring a FreeAgent accredited accountant varies depending on several factors. Get in touch with us today for a complete overview.

Hire a FreeAgent accountants Expert

Hire one of our chartered accountants today for help with online accounting and be ready for Making Tax Digital (MTB) which is coming in April 2024.

Our accountants will be on hand to help you file MTD-compatible VAT returns, as well as assist you with bulk Payroll and using FreeAgent’s practice dashboard.

Whether you are a sole trader, small business, or freelancer, our team of dedicated chartered accountants are ready to help you each tax year.