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Professional and qualified accountants for electricians you can trust to help you keep your books in order, stay tax efficient and grow your business.

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In our role as chartered certified accountants for electricians, we know extremely well how busy you are. While you are out every day responding to calls, trying to grow your business and managing those everyday tasks, the last thing you need to worry about is accounting. When you are just starting, though, you may want to avoid hiring an accountant and try to take care of it all yourself. As a business owner, though, business taxes and personal tax are not the easiest thing to get your head round,

Given how complicated accounting is for electricians, if you are not qualified or experienced, we do not recommend you do it yourself. If you did, you would spend time dealing with a lot of things outside your comfort zone and skill set. Aspects of your electrician’s business such as tax, company structure, bookkeeping, cash flow, CIS, VAT and more.

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However, when you choose to work with the fully qualified, certified, and passionate team of chartered accountants at Tax Bite, things will get a lot easier. We have the skills and experience to guide and assist you with your business finances. Making life as a business owner a whole lot easier.

Why Hire Specialist Professional Accountants for Electricians?

Different sectors, industries and professions have specific requirements when it comes to accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning. Given the number of accountancy firms there are operating nowadays, you may wonder why you should choose an accounting firm that specialises in working with electricians. Although it may seem like they are, not all chartered accountants are made the same.

A more general accounting firm will be able to help you with the extremely basic bookkeeping, tax planning and accountancy needs your electrician business has. That is all particularly good for keeping things steady and floating along.

If you want to do more and are looking to seriously grow and expand your business. While also staying compliant with HMRC regulations and requirements, you need the help of a team of dedicated electrician professional accountants that know what is involved in being a tradesman and electrician.

Rather than choosing just any accountant, you need to make sure the one you work with has experience helping tradesmen and particularly electricians.

When they have a better understanding of your specific market, customers, rivals and the tax liabilities you face, they are better able to provide the right sort of help. Just as you wouldn’t hire a plumber to work on the electrics in your home or business premises, you shouldn’t hire an accountant that does not work with electricians regularly.

At Tax Bite, we have a team of highly trained, fully qualified and passionate chartered accountants that have the experience necessary to help you. If you would like to find out more about our specialist electrician’s accountancy, and how we can help you and your business, please contact us today.

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Why Choose Tax Bite Chartered Accountants for Electricians

Now we have established why you should hire chartered accountants with specific experience working with electricians, you may wonder why you should hire Tax Bite. Compared to our competitors, we feel we offer the best and most affordable accountancy services devised with electricians in mind. Not convinced? Consider the following reasons why we are the best accounting firm for electricians.

If you are a contractor and looking for an accountant make sure to check out our accountants for contractors.

Personalised and Direct Approach to Your Accounting Services

There are so many accountants and accounting firms out there that offer very general support to their clients. Perhaps that has been your experience in the past – using an accountancy firm where you speak to a different individual each time. In our opinion and experience, this is not the best way to conduct business. That is why we provide a very personalised and direct approach to our electrician and trades clients.

From the moment you sign up for accounting services from Tax Bite, you are assigned a dedicated accountant. It doesn’t matter what you contact the individual for, whether it’s general bookkeeping, business strategy related, tax planning or something different, they can help you. We are experts in finding our clients access to the best standard of tax relief so that their profits go further.

Certified Support for Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Many things nowadays, including business accounting, have become more digitised. Digital accounting is a great way to save space in your office and can make the most mundane, but crucial tasks, more automated and easier. Whether you already use an online accounting or bookkeeping software or would like to, you can contact Tax Bite today and get expert support.

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Rather than just having specialist experience using just one or two accounting platforms, we have full and certified knowledge using a wide selection of the most popular on the market. This includes

Unparalleled and Unlimited Support and Advice When You Need It

Without many years’ worth of experience or an official qualification in accounting, the world of accountancy can be very confusing and intimidating. To help you navigate through the ins and outs of modern accounting for electricians, you need the support of an experienced team.

We appreciate that problems, issues and any queries you may need to be dealt with will not always be at the most convenient time. That is why we aim to provide the best level of support from a team that cares. Whether you need advice or help with anything related to your business accounts, such as bookkeeping, tax planning, tax returns, becoming VAT registered or something else, you can contact us directly.

The team of chartered accountants here at Tax Bite are always ready and waiting to help you.

Transparent Pricing Structure

There are many horror stories out there about unscrupulous individuals and companies posing as genuine accountants. Rather than providing legitimate support and advice, they are simply looking to rip you off and take your money. When they are not charging extortionate fees, they will often add fees at the time when you are invoiced for their services that you were not quoted for.

This is not the approach to accounting services that we take here at Tax Bite. We find these business tactics abhorrent and whether we are working with large electricians companies or one-man-band sole traders, we offer the same approach to business. That approach is clear and transparent pricing. You get the services you pay for. We will discuss fully and break down all the fees and costs we expect you to pay for the services you hire us for and request a quote. You will not find surprising fees or added surcharges when it comes to paying your bill.

Dedicated Accountants
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This is in line with our contentious desire to provide the absolute best in customer service for our clients. If you would like to find out more about our affordable accounting and tax services prices, contact Tax Bite today.

Advice, Reviews and Action Plans to Assess and Improve Your Tax Efficiency

Whether you run a small business or a larger one as an electrician, if it’s a new venture, you will be experiencing changes a lot during the formative years. As your business continues to expand and grow, it is crucial that you have experienced and fully qualified tax and accounting advice and support alongside you. This is no truer than when you are trying to make sure your electrician business is as tax efficient as it could be.

The dedicated accountant we appoint to you will manage your accounts directly and will be in the best position to provide advice, and guidance when it comes to all matters related to tax.

All with the distinct goal of reducing the amount of tax you need to pay while increasing the claims you can claim back. To find out more or start benefitting from our tax efficiency reviews and advice services, please contact Tax Bite today.

Reminders of Important Deadlines

Missing a deadline for HMRC or Companies House can not only land you in a lot of trouble but could cost you a lot of stress, worry and money too. When you already have enough on your plate with your work schedule, and different clients, you could so easily let things slip and miss tax return deadlines and tax bill deadlines.

We can stop that from happening by setting up automated payment and returns reminders, at different points when there is the time for completing the tasks officially

For more information about the automated and otherwise deadline reminders we can provide you with here at Tax Bite, give us a call or drop us a message today.

Our Accounting Services for Electricians

Like any other business, as an electrician, it is important to seek out the qualified and experienced services of an accountancy agency like Tax Bite. When you have the help of professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to your business finances, you have more time to spend on other more business-critical things like handling customer call-outs and completing large-scale projects.

Our comprehensive range of accounting services is designed to give you peace of mind and confidence that you will remain compliant with HMRC, financially stable and tax-efficient as possible.

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For many people, the main service they think about when they think about accountants is bookkeeping. Although we offer a lot more than that, if you are just looking for help on staying on top of your monthly books, we’re the team you need. We can ensure that your monthly and year-end books are up-to-date, and correct and include all the relevant information and supporting documentation necessary for HMRC.

When you have regularly updated books that are well organised and orderly, it is easy to see areas where you could improve your business practices and where you are excelling.

If you would like to find out more about our bookkeeping services for accountants, please contact Tax Bite today for a free consultation to get things started.

CIS and Payroll

Payroll is not always something that businesses and sole traders think of when they think about hiring accountants. Payroll is often seen as being the responsibility of the HR team. What if you do not have an HR team or are just a single sole trader?

There are many benefits why you should hire an accountancy firm with knowledge and experience working with tradespeople and electricians specifically. One is the fact that we better understand things like CIS and other industry-specific aspects of the business.

If you are a one-man-band and do not have any employees, we can help you with CIS. If there is more than just you that works for your business, we can help you with all aspects of payroll, including making the important calculations about your employee’s salaries and ensuring they are processed and sent out on time, payslips, CIS, RTI and pension contributions.

As is the case with all our services, we can formulate the best approach to payroll that works for you. So, whether you need payroll to be processed on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We can take care of your employee’s payslips, send them out directly to them if necessary and can confirm all payments and liabilities you owe HMRC.

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Self-Assessment Tax Returns

When working as an electrician, one aspect of the legalities surrounding your business status is filing and submitting self-assessment tax returns. Although in theory, these are straightforward enough to fill out, if you make even the smallest of mistakes, they can be expensive and could mean you are in trouble with HMRC. Even if you have the most straightforward tax returns as an electrician, it is an extremely laborious and time-consuming process.

At Tax Bite, we can save you all the potential stress and time you could waste on filing and submitting your tax returns by doing it every year for you. We will make sure you never miss a deadline or penalty charges.

Help Claiming Business Expenses

Following on from the above, it’s important to tell you about another important way we can help you, particularly when it comes to tax planning and filing tax returns. At Tax Bite we can assess your business finances closely and figure out the expenses you can claim back and get tax relief from.

Although this is a non-exhaustive list as the specifics will be different for each individual electrician and their business, some of the most common expenses you can claim back include:

  • Accountancy fees (yes you can claim back on the money you spend on our services, meaning that we will be able to save you even more money)
  • Advertising and marketing (you can claim back expenses on any advertising and marketing used to promote your electrician business and services)
  • Business bank account charges (it is important to note that it is your business bank account only that you can claim expenses on charges you have had to pay)
  • Computer consumables (this includes all consumables you use with your computer for your business, such as printer paper and printer ink)
  • Consumable tools and accessories
  • Travelling expenses and fares (you can only claim travelling expenses and fares on journeys you make to and from jobs)
  • Insurances (this includes public indemnity insurance, car insurance, personal injury protection and other related business insurances)
  • Internet (if the internet is used, even just in part for your business, you can claim back expenses on it)
  • Cleaning and laundry (for any cleaning of equipment and laundry that involves clothing you wear or your team wear during work)
  • Work-related materials
  • Business Use mobile phone (you cannot claim as expenses your mobile phone if it is primarily for personal use)
  • Additional sundry items
  • Stationery and postage items
  • Work boots, overalls and other protective clothing
  • Equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Subsistence (when you are working outside of your home)
  • Business use landline telephone (as is the case with mobile phone expenses, you can claim landline unless it is solely used for the business)
  • Trade magazines
  • Using your home as an office
  • Wages (if you hire other people as part of your business)

In your capacity as an electrician, you work within the CIS or Construction Industry Scheme, and you normally pay taxes at either 20% or 30% in advance.

By hiring Tax Bite, we can assign you a dedicated professional accountant that will help you to enjoy the most tax relief possible at the end of every financial year.

If you would like our help becoming more tax-efficient and saving money on your tax bill, please contact TaxBite today.

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Credit Control

When you are running a business as an electrician, you will likely be interested in completing work for your clients. It’s bread and butter for you. One aspect of the entire process that you are perhaps less thrilled about is chasing after payments. Customers, for a variety of reasons, can be slow to pay their bills. Although there are often reasonable excuses, it can still be frustrating when you are trying to collect all that is owed to you.

Rather than deal with this yourself, your dedicated accountant here at Tax Bite can take care of all this on your behalf. As well as chasing after payments, they can deal with any queries related to accounts and the processing of incoming funds. When necessary, we can also take care of any debt management and recovery that needs to take place.

Forecast of Cash Flow

When you are running a business, cash flow is extremely important. You need to have some money that you can freely use to run your business from day to day, even when are not securing as many contracts.

To help ensure you always have the funds needed to keep your business afloat, cash flow forecasts and budgeting are crucial.

While there is nothing to stop you from taking care of this side of business yourself, it makes more sense to look to professionals for help. At Tax Bite, our accountants have experience working with electricians, providing effective budgets and cash flow forecasting. These measures will ensure that you are always planning.

When you plan and know where there are likely to be dips and spikes in income, you can be better prepared for the more challenging times. As well as this we can also help with capital expenditure planning, VAT, income and corporation tax payments.

Becoming VAT Registered and Ongoing Support

VAT can be a tricky thing to get your head around, especially without expert knowledge and experience. That is why, regardless of whether you have already registered for VAT and need ongoing support or need qualified support from the get-go, we can provide it right here at Tax Bite. WE can help with preparing VAT returns, make sure your VAT claims are fully compliant with HMRC guidelines and offer alternative schemes like flat rate and cash accounting.

Management Accounts

If you feel you are lacking the control and planning necessary to stay afloat and competitive against other electricians in your local market, Tax Bite accountants can help. We can provide you with either monthly or quarterly automatic accounts. These will provide you with accurate and regular insight into your business.

We can then analyse the information contained in these accounts through reports that show the achievements your business has made concerning what was budgeted.

Dedicated Accountants
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We use accounting ratios in analysis to calculate what your electrician business has achieved in terms of progress compared to your business goals.

Management Accounts for your electrician business are also often useful when you are trying to secure added funding from external sources like mortgage applications, private investors or backs. As well as producing the management accounts to help secure that funding we can also deal with the process on your behalf.

Limited Company Year End Accounts and Incorporation

If you ever decide, due to success and growth, to transform your self-employed business into a limited company, it is best to seek out professional help from a team that has experience with the process. At Tax Bite, we can provide you with jargon-free support and guidance with applying for limited company status through Companies House and can also help you to manage the financial and tax side of your newly formed limited company.

One important aspect of managing a limited company is the year-end accounts. Just as we can help with a self-assessment tax return, regular accounts and bookkeeping, we can also help prepare your limited company accounts. We offer the choice of working from your existing account books or combining this service with our bookkeeping service.

In our capacity as tax experts, we can also provide advice and guidance on making your business more tax-efficient, handle corporation tax computations and file tax returns to HMRC.

If you do not want to have a headache from dealing with all the official correspondence you can receive as a limited company, Tax Bite can also fulfil the role of your registered office. This means all official documentation and correspondence from Companies House and HMRC, to name a few, will be sent to us instead.

Exceptional Advisory Services

In addition to the other more important and specific services we offer as an accountancy firm aimed at electricians, we can also, for a monthly fee, provide you with additional services. These can be in the form of ad hoc advice, queries, foundational software training and consulting with HMRC for you.

When you call us about this service, the team here at Tax Bite will agree to a set number of hours every year that you are free to call us when you need our expert help and advice. This will normally be paid for with a monthly fee on top of any existing fees you owe us for other services.

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Company Secretarial Services

If you are just a one-man-band electrician or run a relatively small team of qualified tradespeople, you may not have administrative staff. Although it will cost a little bit extra, you can come to Tax Bite, and we will provide you with company secretarial services. Trust us when we say this is something you won’t realise how much you need until you have it.

Through our secretarial services, we can manage tasks such as all dealings with Companies House and the associated administrative work. That means the confirmation statement, address and other detail changes, the additional and removal of directors and adjustments to the share capital and allocations.

Business Registered Office

It has been highlighted already, but Tax Bite can fulfil the role as the registered office for your business. This means that we will take care of all the crucial documentation and make sure that all filing deadlines are met, and you avoid expensive Companies House and HMRC penalties.


“We have been a client of Tax Bite’s for yew years now. When I first contacted them, I was feeling very overwhelmed with the daunting task of dealing with the tax man. From the word go, Tax Bite have shown themselves to be an expert team. All jobs they were given, they completed in an extremely professional manner and were extremely friendly at every step of the way. As an electrician this was just what I needed to give me real peace of mind.”

Maidstone, Kent

“I needed the help of qualified accountants to handle my sole trader personal tax and business taxes. Tax Bite made me feel at ease and comfortable from the initial consultation. The friendly team there know exactly what is needed for a new business to stay focused on their growth while remaining compliant with HMRC. Tax Bite are highly recommended to any contractors looking to plan while managing their income, expenses, tax and so much more. Tax Bite offer a great service from a forward thinking team of extremely professional and qualified accountants.”


“I just want to say thank you to the extremely helpful and friendly team of qualified accountants who provided my new business. The systems and services they have in place were perfect. The chartered accountants helped me with their bookkeeping services that meant I always knew where I was in terms of my business finances. The tax relief they helped secure for me, was also a nice bonus.”

Oldham, Manchester

“I have been running my electrician company for the past 6 years the first 4 years i was doing my own taxes it was a nightmare i don’t like dealing with numbers, i finally decided 2 years ago to start using the chartered accountants at tax bite to do my taxes for my electrcian company they have made my life so much easier and now i can focus on the more important parts within my business like new business and growing my company.”


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When you are looking for team of qualified accountants for electricians, we hope you will look no further than Tax Bite. Our team of professional accountants are waiting to help you with your self-employed and company accounting.

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We offer a comprehensive and excellent service that is forward-thinking and designed to ensure you are compliant with the tax man while helping you with everything from keeping track of invoices, claiming expenses, giving your annual self-assessment tax return, and everything else.

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