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We are the crypto accountants you need for professional advice, understanding of UK tax law, more specifically cryptocurrency tax, effective tax planning and all other accountancy services you would expect. We have more than 10 years of experience, meaning you can trust our chartered certified accountants to do their best for you.

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As popular as cryptocurrency investments have become over the last few years, they also carry with them incredibly tricky crypto tax regulations that investors and businesses do not understand.

HMRC are increasing their efforts to check cryptocurrency revenue, which means if you are involved in cryptocurrency personal investment, you need the help of professional crypto accountants like those found here at Tax Bite.

How Tax Bite Can Help

Tax Bite is an accounting service provider with more than 10 years’ worth of experience trading. Rather than just offering general accountancy, we have trained specialists that can offer crucial cryptocurrency accounting support including business advice and tax planning.

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As well as being qualified and friendly, our team are also passionate about all things crypto and blockchain.

The accountancy services for cryptocurrency we can provide include:

  • Tax planning and calculating your tax gains and losses
  • Completing and filing your HMRC tax returns every year
  • Managing undeclared crypto disclosures and gains
  • Ensure that crypto-asset disposals are evaluated properly
  • Tax-efficient business structures devised with non-UK-based individuals
  • Investigations and tax disputes through HMRC
  • Cryptocurrency business start-ups support and help

Services We Offer For Crypto Traders

As professional chartered accountants here at TaxBite we offer various services for Crypto traders such as:

We offer other services for crypto traders such as Payroll, RD Tax Credits, Cash Flow Management. To see our full list of services check out our accountancy services page.

Crypto Trader Accounting Software

As a crypto or NFT trader we understand that working day in day out can and reading about cryptos and NFT’s can be very time consuming especially if there’s been dips in the market.

Our team of accountants are here to make your life easier by using the latest accounting software such as:

If you want anymore information regarding the best accounting software to use as a crypto or NFT trader then get in touch with our team we will be to advise you further.

Accounting software will also allow your tax code to automatically update meaning you won’t have to spend loads of time figuring out what tax code you should be using.

If you are already Tax code 1257L then get in touch with our team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Airdrops are not generally subject to income tax if the crypto asset has been dropped into your electronic wallet for personal reasons. When this has been done in exchange for services, however, they can come under income tax rules.

Crypto asset mining

When you receive crypto assets from mining, it depends on a variety of different things as to whether they are taxable and liable to income tax such as how active you are at mining, the size of reward you are given and from whom the assets are being received from.

This is incredibly complicated, and you should seek professional advice from qualified and certified accountants who have experience with cryptocurrency.

Additionally, when crypto assets are kept and disposed of, they are liable to capital gains tax, if the gain from them is higher than the yearly allowance. Tax Bite can help you understand what you need to pay and why.

Crypto asset trading

HMRC may consider your activities involving crypto-assets a trade, instead of an investment, which means you will be taxed if you run a business and you will be expected to pay income tax. As is the case with many areas of cryptocurrency, several factors influence the decision of whether you need to pay income tax or not. It is best to seek professional advice from cryptocurrency accountants like the team here at Tax Bite.

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Employer Remuneration

When employees receive earnings in the form of crypto assets from employers, national insurance and income are due. In addition, when crypto-assets are later disposed of, they may also be liable to capital gains tax.

Tax Bite Testimonials

“I recently got involved in cryptocurrency investment and realised early on that the tax obligations surrounding crypto businesses are complicated, to say the least. A trusted associate had suggested Tax Bite to me and suggested that their tax advisers were well versed in all kinds of modern investment activity, especially those related to blockchain technology. The team of tax advisors I spoke with were able to help me reach my crypto gains goals and when it was time to file my tax return, and my tax liability, as well as helping me deal with income tax and national insurance. I would not have been able to get a handle on my business without the help of their expert team.”


“Many accountancy firms and businesses are operating right now who claim to have the experience and expertise necessary to help crypto businesses with their cryptocurrency tax obligations. While I cannot say whether they are any good or not, what I can say is that the tax treatment and resolution to many of my ongoing crypto tax issues that I received from Tax Bite helped get my crypto trading business back on track. My annual exemption improved tenfold and the pound sterling value of my cryptocurrency increased. They treat clients with the utmost respect and provide support for all digital assets that pay for themselves in the end.”



If you are interested in cryptocurrency or have already been involved in crypto activities and need some help understanding the tax obligations, we hope you will consider speaking to a tax advisor from Tax Bite.

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A crypto accountant can help you understand the ins and outs of crypto trading and other cryptocurrency activities. Despite it becoming increasingly popular, people still find crypto taxes.

The crypto accountant you are assigned will help you with all tax affairs while getting a hold on UK tax implications. They will be able to determine when you need to pay tax and when you don’t need to pay tax and help you save money on cryptocurrency taxes.

Accountant For Crypto