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We are UK-based accountants that can help a range of people, including those running their own eBay business. Whether you are a sole trader or a small business running on eBay, our eBay accounting services can help you as we work with people across the country.

eBay can be a great platform for sellers and could be a great way to make an income, but it is important to note that all eBay sellers are liable to pay taxes on what they earn. At TaxBite we help a range of people, including eBay sellers, with their tax requirements and offer a range of accounting services to ensure this for all.

If you own an eBay business, then you will need to learn more about your liabilities for tax and how these should be paid to prevent legal issues.

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What Are eBay Accountants?

As a leading accounting service in the UK, we have a lot of experience working with ecommerce businesses in terms of their tax liabilities and payments.

Opening an eBay store is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and many of our clients started as an eBay seller. Based on the cash flow of your online business on eBay, you may have to pay tax authorities and have VAT liabilities to contend with.

Our team of specialist eBay accountants can help you with your eBay bookkeeping and provide support as your business grows with our knowledge of ecommerce and tax. Whether you are selling a few items as a sole trader, starting a new business, or opening a drop shipping service working with an accountant is a great way to keep on top of your bookkeeping to ensure that you are performing legally.

Our eBay accountants can manage your company and ensure that you are heading in the right direction in terms of your payroll, bookkeeping, and tax requirements. Many sellers fall behind on their payments or simply do not know what they owe out of their accounts because they do not have someone on hand to manage them for them.

With a great range of eBay accountant services, our team can help take control of your eBay store and ensure better success for your business.

We have lots of experience using the eBay platform, and our chartered accountants will work through the software options and multiple marketplaces you have to contend with to ensure the best accounting services for all our clients.

We are tax and VAT experts, meaning no matter what you need when it comes to eBay accounting, we can help.

Do not go anywhere else if you want to sell on eBay or any other ecommerce platform, as our company has the knowledge you need. We will help you get VAT registered and also help with the filing of all tax forms, as each client works with a dedicated accountant for their eBay store.

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What Is The Best Accounting Software For eBay Sellers?

As leading accountants for eBay sellers, we not only want to ensure the most cost-effective solutions for our clients but also the highest quality.

While we are available at all times for advice in terms of selling on eBay and the management of your accounts, we want to ensure that any ecommerce business we work with can run well on its own.

This is why we pair with eBay accounting software such as Quickbooks to manage your cash flow and keep track of VAT returns, corporation tax, and any other payments required by your eBay business.

Quickbooks is one of the best eBay accounting software options out there, as it manages bookkeeping and many other aspects of your accounts while being specifically tailored to ecommerce businesses like those on eBay.

Whether you are concerned about VAT returns, tax payments, or payroll for your ecommerce business, this can all be managed in accounting software like Quickbooks. As professional eBay accountants, we have lots of experience with this kind of software and can provide discounts to any eBay seller who wants to use them.

With this better management of your eBay sales across the eBay marketplace, as all accounts can be connected on software like Quickbooks, it will be easier to keep track of your profit and what this means for the company.

There are many accounting services we can provide, along with expert advice and support when you need it most, but as trusted partners of Quickbooks, we have more to offer. This greater control of your account allows you to keep track of all sales, fees, and other bookkeeping elements that may impact your business.

You will know how much VAT is required for every item you are selling and what kind of fees are attached to your sales which can develop a thorough tax return by the end of the year. Software like this is invaluable for ecommerce sellers, no matter what you are selling, and working with an accountant can get you closer.

A common mistake we see many ecommerce sellers making is failing to keep track of their accounting as the business grows. When you start to make more money, you will also need to pay more in terms of fees and VAT returns, all of which can be tracked with accounting software.

We can provide the necessary advice and support during this time and will help your business remain successful.

As the leading limited company for eBay accounts, we are happy to work with whatever accounting software you use to currently manage your eBay business. We can also recommend something better to ensure ongoing results.

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Accounting Services For Your eBay Business

Working with an accountant for your ecommerce business gives you access to a range of great services, including:


We understand your eBay business better than anyone and we keep track of all profit, sales, VAT, and fees through professional bookkeeping.

Cloud Accounting Software

We can manage your account using software like Quickbooks or any other tool you are using. This will keep track of everything you sell and the VAT that comes along with this.

Tax Advice

Running an online business means you are subject to specific tax liabilities and VAT payments. As a leading accounting service, we have a great understanding of UK tax laws and will provide support to your business at all times.

Ongoing Support

We know that running a business is difficult, and you will be faced with ongoing challenges, all of which we can support you through.

With our years of experience in accounting as well as our expertise, we can help keep your business successful and are available at all times for support. All clients will be paired with an accountant who manages your accounts and keeps your business on the right track.

To work with our team or to learn more about what we offer, please check the link below.


As leading ecommerce accountants, we have a lot of experience working with eBay sellers.

Selling on this platform has a lot of advantages, but does also mean you could be subject to tax liabilities and other fees based on your profit margins. We offer a range of services to clients on this platform to aid in the growth of their business and ensure better accounting management.

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