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Professional and specialist medical accountants for doctors available throughout the UK

The medical profession and the medical industry are incredibly complex. Whether doctors can focus on their work and give their patients and colleagues their all can literally mean life or death.

That is why when, as a doctor, you are trying to stay focused on your main role of helping people, you really don’t want to worry about your accounts, bookkeeping and tax. Fortunately, if you engage with medical professional chartered accountants like those that make up our specialist medical team here at Tax Bite.

Your job involves helping people; our job involves helping doctors. We are expert medical accountants for doctors.

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Medical Accountants Near Me

Rather than just focusing our attention on doctors and medical professionals working in one city or area in the UK, we provide accountants for doctors throughout the country.

So, whether you are based and working in somewhere like London, Sheffield, Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Bristol, to name a few, we will be able to provide you with your own accountant.

One that has the experience of working with financial records, tax returns, and doctor’s accounts in the healthcare sector, to offer the practical advice you need.

Accountants For Doctors

Why Choose Medical Accountants?

Perhaps you are still not convinced that you need the help of accountants with training in the healthcare sector. Considering this, our team have many years of experience providing help to doctors with their financial accounts, taxation and business advice.

Our wide range of services is available to doctors throughout the country, regardless of their unique circumstances. It doesn’t matter whether they are working in GP practices, as hospital consultants or locums; we can help with literally anything accountancy related.

All we do is fully tailored to the medical professional. Rather than choosing a more general accountancy practice, therefore you can choose Tax Bite and know we understand exactly what’s involved in your job and the financial side.

Every individual doctor, practice and other setup is indeed different from the next, but we offer the same foundational commitment in all work we carry out:

Our specialist accountant services include:

Contact one of the Tax Bite team today for more information about the medical profession tax and accounting services we provide. You can use the number listed on this page or the contact us page.

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What Types of Medical Professionals Use Our Services?

There are various working conditions in the modern medical profession; each doctor’s accounts will therefore be different from one practice to another and are not suited to an out-of-the-box approach.

Here at Tax Bite, we have a team of chartered accountants who have collaborated with medical professionals in various capacities. What type of professionals from the medical industry hire us, and how do we help them?

Whatever kind of medical practice you run, we can provide you with professional support, advice and recommendations. Please contact our team today for more information by using the contact details below or clicking through to our contact us page.

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What Expenses Can Professionals in the Medical Sector Claim?

The subject of tax is complicated, so it’s easy to understand why there are so many questions about it. Many of the most common questions we get about tax for doctors revolve around the tax rebates and expenses that doctors can claim on their tax returns.

The core of this matter is that the expenditure that qualifies must be wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred while the doctor performs their duties. These include:

For more information about the tax relief, tax rebate and expenses you can claim as a medical professional, please contact one of our team today.

Areas We Cover

We cover areas such as:


At Tax Bite Accountants, we know how difficult it is to operate any form of medical practice or service in the modern healthcare industry. There have been a lot of changes and evolutions over the years, and thanks to the variety of different working circumstances and environments, there is a lot you need to be aware of when running a medical practice or working in a hospital.

We provide professional, qualified and certified advice and services. With these, you can unburden yourself of the stresses and time-consuming tasks involved with trying to manage your accounts and taxes.

When you are not worrying about preparing tax returns, payroll, expenses, financial accounts and other accounting issues, you have more time to spend doing what you do best – helping people.

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Our team at TaxBite help various sectors in accounting, such as: