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Services We Offer For Hospitality business

Widely recognized as one of the most difficult sectors to work in, hotel and hospitality businesses have had a tough couple of years. On top of that, managing such a business can seem overwhelming, so hiring a professional accountant with experience dealing with finance in this sector is vital.

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Annual accounts preparation

Take the stress out of your taxes. Our team help hospitality and leisure sector businesses and clients prepare their annual accounts each year. This usually includes a balance sheet, a profit and loss account, supporting notes, a director’s report, and an auditor’s report unless your business is exempt.

Audit & Assurance

Ensuring you remain compliant is crucial. Our accountants are on hand to assist with audits, compliance and tax assurance with the aim of both compliance and improving your business’s bottom line.

Audit & Assurance Service from TaxBite

We provide businesses and clients in the hospitality and leisure sector with a broad range of audit and assurance services, such as:

  • Statutory audits
  • Non-statutory audits
  • Voluntary, statutory audits
  • Financial reporting solutions and advice for businesses in the UK

Tax planning and VAT (including Making Tax Digital)

TaxBite accountants will assist you with tax planning and registering for VAT. We are experts in managing bookkeeping digitally and can help you prepare and get up-to-speed for Making Tax Digital, which is coming into effect in April 2026. However, it has been mandatory for VAT claims since 1st April 2019.

Making Tax Digital for VAT Claims

Making the switch to digital isn’t always easy, and the severity of the work involved varies from business to business. Contact our tech-savvy team of chartered accountants below to get ahead of the legislation.

Cash flow and profitability forecasts

The experts at TaxBite are available for financial advice pertaining to cash flow improvements and profitability growth forecasts for clients. We’re well-versed in assisting you with the cash flow or profitability forecasts for your hotel, pub, restaurant or other business in the hospitality sector.

Corporate finance

Our team offers sensitivity analysis and advisory services for your hotel, pub, or restaurant, as well. We can also observe how your business changes to predict trends.

Get in touch with TaxBite today for financial modelling, accounting and valuation services. As a chartered business, we are placed to value your finances and business accurately.

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Remuneration planning

Our team has the expertise to provide you with tailored advice by assessing your personal circumstances.

Payroll and administration for Hospitality Businesses

Your dedicated TaxBite chartered accountant will help you save time and avoid admin errors by taking on payroll and administrative tasks.

Smart technology solutions

As the future of accounting, utilizing smart technology solutions is paramount to accurate reports and remaining compliant when Making Tax Digital (MTD) comes into effect in 2026.

Our team uses smart technology to assist you in identifying patterns in your business to improve and excel.

Cybersecurity and data protection in the Hospitality/Leisure Sector

With the number of cybersecurity threats increasing, keeping your financial data is extremely important to us. That’s why we ensure the appropriate cybersecurity and data protection practices are adhered to.

Business rates for Small Businesses in the Hospitality/Leisure Sector

Businesses of smaller sizes could be entitled to business rate relief which is a reduction on how much you’ve got to pay for business rates. Our chartered accountants can work closely with you to determine if you’re eligible and process claims on your behalf.

Business Rate Discounts

As of October 2021, the UK government announced there would be a 50% discount on business rates for retail, the leisure sector, and other hospitality leisure businesses in England if eligible. It will apply for the entire 2022/23 tax year, so if you’d like help processing this claim or identifying if you’re eligible, our accountants can help you.

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VAT on property sales: TOGCs (Transfer of a Going Concern)

Commonly known as one of the most difficult and complex areas of the VAT scheme, our accountants are on hand to help you understand VAT on property sales. Particularly on TOGCs, the Transfer of a Going Concern.

There is a myriad of TOGC conditions that must be adhered to, which our group of chartered accountants can help with.

Getting VAT on property sales wrong can cause significant consequences, so it’s always best practice to hire a chartered accountant for specialist accounting and VAT advice on any property sales.

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Click the link below to get started with the TaxBite team, who are on hand to assist businesses and clients in the leisure and hospitality industry. Our crew of hotel and hospitality accountants are experts in the hospitality field and can help you with a full range of services.

We work closely with businesses in the hospitality sector to ensure their bookkeeping is up-to-date, so they can focus on what they do best: managing their pubs, hotels, restaurants, and hotels.

Our corporate finance team offers financial advice for companies and managers in the food, hospitality and leisure sectors. If you need help raising finance in the hospitality and leisure sector, we can help.

Why TaxBite Accountants

The team here at TaxBite are expert hotel and hospitality accountants with a knack for business growth and financial management expertise. Whichever hotel or hospitality sector your business is in, our chartered accountants are available to assist you with the highest industry standards. If you run pubs, restaurants, hotels or even a leisure centre, we’d like to hear from you. Our hospitality/leisure clients benefit from stellar service, so why can’t you?

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Our accountants proudly support food, hospitality and leisure sector businesses looking for tax services, tax planning, tax advice, and numerous otherwise time-consuming accounting services. If you have high standards and want a top-notch accounting service, contact the team at TaxBite today.