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Cash Flow Management

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Managing your cashflow is an important part of running any business, especially small and medium businesses that do not have a dedicated accounting team. Not only is your cash flow a major cash management tool, but it can be vital for keeping track of your expanding business.

We at TaxBite can offer a range of cash flow management services, whether that is providing regularly updated financial forecasts or simply keeping stock of your working capital. Our work is suitable for businesses of any scale, and we can tailor our services to provide the right results for your business objectives.

Regardless of whether you need a small plan or a larger-scale tax advisory team, you can contact us to learn more about what we offer. With such a range of different services, we are able to help clients tackle their business budgeting, payroll, and cash flow directly.

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What is Cash Flow Management?

Cashflow management is the process of tracking the money coming into a business (such as sales) and then comparing it against outgoing costs (like payroll costs). This gives you a complete overview of your total revenue and costs, as well as the amount of ‘spare’ money you have left.

Cash Flow Management

Why is Cash Flow Management Important?

Managing your business’ cash flow allows everything to keep running smoothly, and each cash flow statement gives you a quick breakdown of how well the business is doing. A positive cash flow is good, whereas a negative one means that you are losing money on something.

Cash Flow Forecasting and Modeling
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What Is An Example Of Cash Flow Management?

Cash flow forecasting is usually very similar between different businesses and industries. For example, property developers use a cash flow projection to tell if they can still keep the project going in the current property market: they need to sell before they are in the negative for too long.

Why Choose Us For Your Cash Flow Management?

We at TaxBite are committed to providing excellent cash flow management services, giving you regular updated cashflow projections and shouldering all of the cash flow management risk for ourselves. This allows you to focus on other parts of your business, receiving continuous support from us behind the scenes.

Our company was formed by an experienced team of highly-accredited tax advisors with over 10 years of experience in the fields of accounting and finance services (such as helping with tax returns). We have a wide range of cash management and accounting services on offer, suitable for many businesses.

Scenario and Variance Analysis
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We are fully compliant with government guidelines and have built up a solid reputation with our previous customers, making us one of the more reliable options in the industry. Our focuses on effective cashflow management and fast remedial action allows us to give clients immediate solutions to their cash flow problems.

If you would like to learn more about the tax services that our professional team can offer, get in touch with our expert staff today!

Direct Vs Indirect Cash Flow Statements

Direct cash flows use known amounts, reporting your business’ cash details in a very simple manner. Within Indirect cash flows, such payments and expenses do not need to use known amounts of money and instead rely on balance sheet account information to help figure out your cash flow from scratch.

Neither of these is better than the other, although indirect cash flows can sometimes be helpful in identifying non-cash transactions – for example, ‘expenses’ in the forms of products or items given away as promotions or some other business arrangement.

How Can I Tell That I Need To Improve My Cash Flow?

Getting a positive cash flow is always important, but it can sometimes help to pre-emptively prevent it from falling into the negative. 

There are certain obvious ‘tells’ that hint towards your cash flow starting to falter, and these problems can expand quickly if you start seeing greater demands or expenses on your business – such as an increased need for raw materials or higher prices from suppliers.

How Do I Improve My Cash Flow?

There are multiple ways for a company to boost its own profits, with each one depending on its actual business and the current state of its finances. Often, cash flow requirements needed to manage a business can be hard to improve on your own, even with employees helping.

Getting a Positive Cash Flow

We at TaxBite can provide a solid cash flow projection, as well as help to improve your existing accounts. This means things like helping you increase revenue, reducing overheads, providing better inventory management options, and enabling you to get back into the positive faster.

How Do I Monitor My Cash Flow?

Our cash flow management software allows us to properly monitor the way that your cash flow projection changes, helping us build reliable forecasts by monitoring actual results against your budgeted performance and cash flow requirements.

While you can monitor this information yourself, it is often easier to rely on companies like us – our cash flow management software is a very effective way of tracking your cash flow requirements and performance.

Benefits of Outsourcing Cash Flow Management

Outsourcing cashflow services can have a range of major benefits, some more obvious than others:

  • Accurate and high-quality information about your business’ finances.
  • Improved credit control options.
  • More informed decision making.
  • Added management procedures.
  • More chances to improve your working capital.
  • Access to much more data.

Cash Flow Services We Provide

We have a range of accounting services on offer, all of which are tailored to each client individually. We can provide:

  • Capital management.
  • Credit control services.
  • Projections and forecasts.
  • Expense monitoring.
  • Income and sales monitoring.
  • Risk analysis work.

We can also offer a variety of bespoke work for each client, whether that is something simple like regular advice or a more complex process such as predicting two or three years of insights ahead of time. For example, we could help you manage a high corporation tax bill that has eaten into your profits.


What is the best way to manage cash flow?

Relying on outside specialists like us can make accounting work much easier. As chartered accountants, we are equipped to help businesses with all parts of their finance details, from tax bill information and bank statements to banking covenants.

Even small parts of the process, like rolling forecasts or handling a due diligence audit, can become more complex as you begin to earn and spend more. The larger your business or company, the harder your financial situation is to manage.

Why is healthy cash flow important?

A healthy cashflow means that you have multiple profitable financial streams coming in at once. A business with a healthy income is earning more money and has more fallback solutions if major clients stop payments, or a service falls out of favour with its customer base.

A cashflow in poor health means that one good year’s results can be completely wiped out by the business suddenly losing a lot of income in the next, with no other financial safety nets to keep payments coming in and new clients arriving.

What is cash flow used for?

Cashflow is used for budgeting, revenue management, and a whole host of other financial information. It is for businesses to get at-a-glance insights about their accounts and financial situations, as well as the ability to plan financial solutions to issues with their accounts or budgeting work.

Cashflow data can also be used to provide further information in financial situations where a business needs more resources or access to more in-depth data to resolve a problem. The data from a cashflow plan can help you come up with better solutions in a quicker time period.


Our management options are suitable for a whole host of different businesses, and we try to provide all of the data, resources, and services for client accounts that you might need. Each project we take on is handled bespoke, and we adapt each service to fit the client.

If you want to know more about what we can offer, contact our expert staff today. They can give you a full breakdown of our services, our bespoke work, and the results that we can get you.