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Taxbite is one of the leading business recovery services in the UK and we have helped many businesses in their time of need. We can help companies develop practical solutions to their financial difficulties, helping them out of these issues before it gets to late.

Based in London, our team has worked with brands across the UK over the years which has helped us to perfect our advisory services, ensuring we can offer the best business strategy for any need.

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Why choose us?

TaxBite is a highly experienced recovery firm that has helped hundreds of companies over the years develop a financial plan. Our team of experienced tax advisors have all the necessary qualifications and we have over 10 years of experience helping businesses recovery.

Working with us gives your company access to not only this incredible expertise, but also a range of tax services. Our team will work closely with your business to help you develop an effective solution to any financial difficulty you may be dealing with.

Our team has a lot of experience within the UK economy and we are compliant with all government guidelines, allowing us to work across the nation alongside insolvency practitioners, lawyers, and accountants.

TaxBite has an incredible reputation with all forms of struggling businesses and we can help with restructuring your company following financial difficulties. We can offer more options than many other services and are working with businesses who require reliable solutions following the coronavirus pandemic.

We have helped companies turnaround their financial status and we continue to work across the UK.

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Business Rescue and Recovery

What do business recovery services include?

Our work involves helping a business who is in financial difficulties turnaround their situation so they have a better future. We implement a variety of business solutions on behalf of the company, working closely with management, employees and shareholders, as well as lenders, creditors, and financial organisations.

The aim of our work is to help a business identify problems, get cooperation and insights, and implement these solutions in a smooth process. With many resources on our side, working with TaxBite can help you get out of range difficult issues and maintain the relationships you have with stakeholders and employees throughout.

If you are dealing with a financial crisis within your business, whether this is debt, bankruptcy, or acquisition issues, we can help.

We have helped many companies, across all sectors, manage their financial issues and provided the insights needed to identify any further risk. Our work has taken us across the country and we continue to help businesses with cash control issue and provide support to management.

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Options for business recovery

Our business recovery plan can vary from practical solutions and insights to help with the management of moderate debt to formal legal processes that will create more time to facilitate a turnaround for the whole business.

The solutions we will implement to achieve this business turnaround include:


The CVA is a debt restricting tool that may be what your business needs. For this plan to work, 70% of creditors must agreed on it and it must be facilitated by an insolvency practitioner.

This process offers legal moratorium, which is a period of debit relief during which creditors legally cannot take money from your business.

Business funding

Business funding is readily available with the rise of funding opportunities across the UK.

When it comes to consolidating debt and handling payments, there are many companies that can offer the cash to do this with several businesses specialising in lending money to companies with a bad credit score.

This is one of the resources we will always consider when it comes to managing your businesses’ capital and it is something that may be involved in your recovery plan if suitable.

Time to Pay Arrangements (TTP)

This is a debt repayment plan that is organised on behalf of your company with HMRC. It is a way of handling outstanding taxes and is something we can arrange for you.

If you are struggling with the legal payments required by any business in the UK, such as Corporation Tax, PAYE, or VAT we can arrange a repayment plan with HMRC.

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The insolvency process is an appropriate solution for when there is no capital left and no time to lose. This is usually a last resort for many of our clients, but we can help you come to the right decision and offer the best insolvency route to take based on your needs.

With our expertise, we can help determine which insolvency process is right for your business, working alongside practitioners and creditors to ensure this is the last support available. With our advice, you can determine whether insolvency is the right option and move forward.

Many other services will not consider insolvency, but we know that for some of our customers this is the best way to go which is why it is still considered by our support team.

Insolvency includes legal action such as declaring bankruptcy, liquidation, and going into company administration.

When it comes to restructuring your business, this may be the best option and it is something we can suggest based on your needs. This is something we will offer in conjunction with an insolvency practitioner who can offer advice.

Benefits of hiring business recovery professionals

We can tailor a business recovery plan for your needs, helping with finance management and helping you achieve success as you deal with financial issues. Some of the benefits that come from working with a team like us include:

For more details regarding how we can help you, please contact our team today.

Costs of hiring business recovery services

The cost of hiring a business recovery service can be around £50 to £300 per month.

There are many factors that will impact the price of hiring a business recovery expert. For example, the kind of services you are looking for or the size of your company may impact prices.

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Business recovery plan

When we create a restructuring process of our clients, there is a range of steps that we must take to ensure success.

In the restructuring process, we offer advice on the various aspects of recovery as well as:

If you are looking for further details regarding our restructuring process and how it could help your business, contact us today.


TaxBite is one of the nation’s favourite providers of recovery solutions and we have worked with companies across the UK. We have a great reputation in the field and can develop an effective restructuring process for all companies, helping them pay off debt and get back on track.

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