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When looking at different accountants for teachers and private tutors, you may be unsure of who to go to. To speak with someone with years of experience, get in touch with TaxBite today, offering a no-obligation quote for the advice you need. At TaxBite, we offer different accounting specialities, including corporation tax advice and other business tax advice services.

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Academy Schools Have Charitable Status – How Does This Affect Their Accounts?

If your school is converting to Academy status, it is worth engaging a specialist accountant who can help ensure this transition goes smoothly. By getting an expert to help you, you can make better-informed decisions and create your academy’s charities statement of recommended practice.

Academy status means that income tax does not need to be paid by the school on any profit the school makes so long as it is to benefit the public. For a school, the public would be defined as the students and their education. Academies work differently from schools in that they can make a profit; in this situation, you will need accountants to keep track of bookkeeping and advise on your profits.

This does not affect teachers, so they would need to keep track of their accounts and what they spend on business needs for any expense claims they make.

As a teacher, what can I claim back?

Everyone is aware that teachers use their pay to cover some of the expenses that schools cannot afford. When claiming back costs through these services, you can claim back anything that is “wholly, exclusively, and necessary” for the job you do. 

So, if teachers need to buy text books for a class that the school cannot afford, the costs can be claimed back in England either through a tax code or tax return. You can also claim back financial assistance if you have to work from home, as long as this is not for your convenience, similarly if you have to use your car during work.

Special Rules for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)

If a school is part of a multi-academy trust, a trustee has the same rights within the trust. There will be a directors committee to manage this. Local Authority schools have governors who report to board directors. A team of accountants for teachers would work with both the academy and teachers to ensure that accounts are held correctly. 

To find your nearest accountants for teachers, join TaxBite, which is a national association of accountants. Joining TaxBite can help you in the future when looking for an accountant for your multi-academy trust too. The experienced team at TaxBite can help with your accounting needs.

Meet your Academies Team

We have developed relationships with schools and can provide individualised support for our clients. As a teacher in an academy, you may need someone to help manage your personal accounts and keep track of your annual accounts to help when checking if you are due a rebate.

Academies are run differently from schools, so a teacher may find they have more students and so more costs at each education level. At TaxBite, teachers can be assured that as one of our accounting clients, they will receive only necessary advice, and they will not pay more than necessary now or in the future.

Am I Entitled to a Teacher’s Tax Refund?

You may be entitled to a tax refund if you have had to use any of your finances to purchase necessary items.

Uniform Tax Rebate

With many different fees for uniforms and necessities for your classroom, you may be able to claim a rebate. You can claim a rebate for the uniform you need to wash or buy with your own money, such as if you teach PE and need to have a specialist uniform for this. 

Teachers should not need to pay for their uniforms for a specific subject, either to purchase the clothes needed for school compliance or for washing this uniform. The teacher can claim tax relief on these expenses.

Who is TaxBite?

TaxBite is a team of accountants with experience advising on tax and VAT for individuals and companies. With minimal fees and a free no-obligation consultation, consider us when reviewing your tax advice needs. With years of experience with many different clients, TaxBite has experience with teachers and schools and can help with both accounts and any audit needs. 

At TaxBite, we can tailor our support and advice by giving only the most relevant information, not only for schools that have larger tax and accountancy needs but for teachers with their bookkeeping and other needs.