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Are you looking for an accountant for care home’s? Then continue reading how our chartered accountant team can help save money on your tax and vat bills every year!

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Care homes specialist accounting services 

At TaxBite, our accounting team provides specialist advice and in-depth knowledge to those who are involved within the care sector.

Whether you need specialist tax advice, tips on making tax savings, help setting up payroll services, or help with your cash flow forecasting, our chartered accountants are here to assist you.

We offer a wide range of tax and finance services, so click the button below to set the future of your care home business in the right direction.

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Tax Planning

We offer tax planning services for those managing nursing homes or running businesses in the care home sector. This includes identifying areas where the current tax position can be improved, or informing clients of potential issues that could affect them further down the line.


You can contact and count on our accountants for care homes for tax advice and guidance relating to acquisitions. If you’re looking to buy a care home business or recently acquired one, get in touch with us to learn more about our acquisition services.

Capital Allowances

We work with our clients to ensure their capital allowances claims are processed if they should be entitled to them.


For help relating to funding, our expert accountants are on hand to support you.

Annual Accounts 

Allow the team at TaxBite to manage and process your annual accounts for your care home business.

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Working in the care sector can demand a lot of your attention, so a TaxBite accountant to look after your company books and keep them up to date.

Payroll and Auto-enrolment

As experts in all things Payroll, allow us to plan, create, and look after your company Payroll.

Management of Accounts and Reporting

With our full range of tax advice and services, we also offer the management of care home accounts, and, as your chosen accountants, we supply reports to help you monitor your business’ performance.


Our chartered accountants are fully up to speed with the UK tax law and legislation, ensuring you remain compliant. Hire an accountant with the right skills to manage the future of your business, and have peace of mind knowing that you are fully compliant with taxation and financial legislation in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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Who we help in the care industry

We help care providers, owners of care homes, and anyone who’s in need of tax legislation advice, business support, and corporate finance support. Suppose you’re looking for an accountant who can also provide advice relating to the financial aspects of running a business. In that case, we’d like to hear from you to get a better understanding of your business.

As a business in the care sector, you need to focus on a multitude of aspects to ensure your business thrives and remains successful. To achieve this, you need access to stellar financial advice. Working with a company that has an understanding of the specialist care home sector is a surefire way to success, so contact our specialist team today.

While we have helped many clients in the healthcare sector, we also help clients across many different businesses. Click the button below to contact our team and find out more about how we can help you.

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Our accountants understand the specific needs as a business in the care home sector, and can work with you on the many different aspects of finances. We can assist your with filing annual accounts, processing payroll, managing your books, and generating business reports for management.

From the multitude of services outlined above, we can also help you with planning your pension, tax planning, reviewing your current business structure, and filing any tax returns required.

Running, Growing, and Selling a Healthcare Business

Our specialist advice covers everything related to operating, growing and selling a business in the healthcare sector. We support owners with the preparation of accounts, business structure advice, tax planning services, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts, tax compliance, finance assistance and more.

If you want to explore finance relating to growth, our advisors are on hand to provide assistance to optimise profits and improve business structures.

When it comes to selling a business in the health and care sector, many of our clients see a benefit to working with us. We can help prepare your business for sale, find you the right buyer, and provide support throughout the entire process.

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Why choose TaxBite

We are a specialist team of accountants who are industry experts in the healthcare sector, covering care home businesses and their unique needs regarding book keeping, taxation and financial advice, and general accounts.

Whether you have an existing business in the care sector or want to start a new business, our business advisers are on hand to assist you at every step.

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