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Managing service charges, cash tips, and Tronc schemes themselves are a growing concern for those in the hospitality sector.

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While there are significant benefits to incorporating a tronc system into businesses, there can be a real concern with how it all works. In this article, we aim to clarify any confusion related to the fair distribution of tips, gratuities, and service charges in the hospitality industry through tronc services.

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What Is A Tronc?

A tronc is defined as an employee tip-sharing tool, or special pay arrangement, that enables businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and casinos to share tips, gratuities, and service charges fairly. Tronc is derived from the French phrase for collecting boxes used for donations, ‘tronc des pauvres”.

Soon, there will be new legislation regarding a tronc scheme that will ensure fairness of tips paid within the hospitality and leisure sector. Businesses must ensure they are fully HMRC-compliant with the Employment Allocation of Tips Bill.

What Is A Troncmaster?

Each tronc scheme has a person that’s responsible for dividing up and sharing money tips with staff, this is a troncmaster. While businesses don’t have to appoint a troncmaster, they can do so to manage tip sharing and any admin that comes with it. The troncmaster a business chooses cannot be a partner, proprietor or another company official; otherwise, the tips could be subject to NICs. It’s important to note that employers should not distribute tips, gratuities, and service charges themselves.

If a business wants to appoint an external or independent troncmaster, a few troncmaster services are available. Hiring an external troncmaster will help limit internal admin time related to running a tronc and dividing and sharing tips fairly while remaining compliant with HMRC policies. Using a tronc system also means significant savings and best tipping practices are adhered to and are distributed fairly with no employer interference.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Tronc Scheme?

There are many benefits to tronc schemes, and at the forefront is fair tip sharing and remaining compliant with regulations. Employees feel valued when a tronc scheme is in place, as well as being able to keep more of the tips paid with less going to the taxman.

When you use a tronc scheme, there is a potential exception from NICs. Secondly, staff could own up to 100% of their tips and gratuities.

How To Set Up A Tronc Scheme?

Companies must take care when setting up a tronc scheme to manage fair tips, money and gratuities, and service charges for their employees, especially in the hospitality sector. At TaxBite, we can support a broad range of businesses, from hospitality operators to businesses in the food and beverage sector.

Our troncs are fully up to speed on the latest HMRC legislation and requirements concerning tronc rules, discretionary service charges, income tax, how to pay national insurance contributions, and any tax implications of using or not using a tronc scheme.

Whether you’re just starting out as a hospitality business or you’ve been operating for some time and have an existing tronc scheme, get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Independent Troncmasters

Using independent troncmasters can mean less admin for your business and knowing the tronc scheme is fully compliant and on the ball.

Independent troncmasters are always up to date on the latest rules relating to tronc and work without any bias. Most independent troncmasters are happy to work with in-house employees, too. For these reasons, there is a growing demand for independent troncmasters to set up this vital strategy to distribute gratuities fairly between employees.


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