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As accountants for freelancers, we understand the attraction of setting up your own freelance business. You have found something you enjoy doing and are good at, and it is having the potential to be very lucrative.

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You now only answer to yourself and no one else. You get to choose the days, hours and where you work. You make all the decisions about buying and selling, and you can shape business, limited company or not, into whatever you want it to be.

The thought of taking advantage of accounting services from professionals may not have occurred to you, especially as online accounting software is great right now.

We are here to tell you, though, as Bolton chartered accountants for freelancers who know a thing or two about it, it’s never as simple as the above makes out to run your own freelance business. Even with online accounting software, you may struggle to enjoy the best business finances.

With that in mind, and to stop everything related to your business accounting from getting out of hand, we encourage you to contact the Tax Bite team today. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry with a sterling track record to help support it.

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Why You Need the Help of a Chartered Accountant

As we have already noted, a lot of people who get into the world of freelance often feel that they can save a lot of money in the beginning by taking on as many different tasks and roles as possible.

While it may mean you do not need to hire extra staff or pay extra money for outsourced services, you could lose out in other ways. When you are a business owner, particularly working on a freelance basis, your time is more valuable than anything else.

You need to think about whether your time could be better spent doing more business-critical things than bookkeeping, tax returns and other complicated aspects of accounting.

If you hire a professional accountant, like one of the team here at Tax Bite, for example, they can take care of everything for you. That could mean that your bookkeeping, tax returns, and any communication with Companies House or HMRC are dealt with through us on your behalf. We can also help assist you pay less tax.

If starting a freelance business meant gaining freedom in your life, hiring chartered accountants with experience with working with sole traders and freelancers is one of the best choices you could make.

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Why You Should Hire Specialist Accountants for Freelancers

Now you understand the great advantage of hiring chartered accountants for your business; even when you are trying to save some money, you may wonder why you should hire specialist freelancer accountants.

Bog standard accounting services from a general accountant will be helpful on a very basic level. They may be able to collate and record your business transactions and deal with more straightforward tax returns and tax bills.

However, given the fact that all freelancers operate in different industries from one another and the fact that they are usually involved in more than one of those industries, it may not be in your best interest to choose just any expert accountants.

You want freelancers’ accountants who help with the ever-evolving work that you do.

At Tax Bite, we have over a decade worth of experience operating in the freelancer industry and are ready and waiting to help you with anything and everything you need.

Our accounting services have earned us an enviable reputation, and thanks to the fact that we have a huge team, we can take on multiple clients at a time without there being a loss in the level of service.

Why Choose Tax Bite as Your Accountants for Freelancers?

Having discussed why you need an accountant for your freelance business and why it should have experience and expertise, you may be wondering who you should choose.

There are hundreds of different accountants and specialist freelancer accountants operating in the country right now. You may wonder why we feel s strongly that we are the best. Let’s discuss some of he

Dedicated Accountant for Freelancer

One major reason why you should look no further than Tax Bite for a freelancer accountant is that when you hire us, you will be assigned your dedicated accountant. This may not sound important, but trust us, there are many organisations and agencies out there that do not offer the same kind of service.

Rather, when you contact them with an issue, query, problem, or anything else regarding your freelancing business, your call or form of communication will be with one of the revolving doors of different accountants.

This can be frustrating, especially if you are looking to get help quickly. They will often have to spend some time looking over your accounts, trying to get themselves familiar with your business and its current condition, tax position and anything else relevant to help them with your query.

With a specially assigned accountant, though, you don’t need to worry about that. Your account, unless there they are not available for some extenuating circumstances, will always be handled by the same person. That allows time to build a rapport with you, for them to familiarise themselves with your business and will save time when there is something that needs to be dealt with quickly.

If you would like to find out more about the chartered accountants for freelancers, we have here at Tax Bite, contact us directly, either by phone, email or using the contact form.

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Transparent Pricing

The cost of everything is important when you are running your own business, especially a freelance one, as you are reliant on the income from your projects and contracts. Therefore, it’s understandable that you would want to know exactly what you are paying for when you hire accountants, so you can budget accordingly.

The problem is that because there are many greedy and extortionate individuals and agencies out there, you need to be careful to choose an accountancy firm that is clear and honest about its prices.

Some use clever tactics to ensure you pay more than you think, by adding surcharges and hidden fees to the bill after you’ve signed a contract. At Tax Bite, we want to make money, but we also want to do it the right way. That is why we will always discuss what you are paying for and will highlight this on our contracts and bills. If we agree on a price, that is the price you will pay.

As we are interested in continuing to help you expand and grow your freelance business, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your services with us. To be clear, you will only have to pay for services you use and will not have to pay for any you don’t.

Certified and Experienced With Award Winning Accounting Software

We live in the digital age and when it comes to accounting, that is a real blessing. Cloud based accounting software makes everything easier, there’s less physical paperwork involved (or none, in some cases) and it is just quicker.

Although modern accounting software is designed to be idiot-proof, and anyone can use it to do the most basic bookkeeping tasks, if you want more you need to go to professionals. At Tax Bite, our team are familiar with many of the leading accounting software suites and knows how to use them most effectively.

It doesn’t matter whether you already use one and want to continue using that application or if you are looking to switch or have never used one before. We can help you. Particularly if it is any of the following accountancy software:

Even if you do not use one of the above software applications, we still encourage you to give us a call so that we can discuss what you use and whether you’d be happy switching or not.

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Support and Advice for Your Freelance Business to Make it More Tax Efficient

We have already discussed how important it is to keep a close watch on what you are spending and earning when running a freelance business. Whether your small business is new or not, this should continue to be an ongoing concern, particularly when it comes to tax. At Tax Bite, we have qualified tax experts that can help you with everything to make the complex world of tax seem less daunting.

In addition to helping you file and submit your self-assessment tax returns at the end of every financial year, we can also help you in other ways.

Given the diversity often involved in the work of freelancers, the subject of business expenses and what you can and can’t claim from HMRC can be a tricky one. This is bread and butter for us here at Tax Bite, though.

We can provide ongoing support and offer advice when necessary to help improve the tax efficiency of your business. Our goal? To save you as much on your tax bill as we can.

Business Support and Advice When You Need It

Another reason why you should hire Tax Bite as your freelancer accountant follows nicely from the above points. We know, as a busy company, how things always come up about accounting.

It’s okay for us, as we can normally solve the accounting issues and problems we have within our own business easily. However, for someone with no accounting experience or qualifications, it is much harder. This is another reason too why you should avoid trying to handle accounting for your freelance business on your own.

When things come up, you may not be able to find the right answer or solution, and even if you do, it may not be quick enough.

Instead, hire Tax Bite and take advantage of our reputable customer support. You can contact the accountant assigned to your freelancer business at any time with any query. Even if it’s an issue related to something out with your standard package of services, we can still help.

Reminders of Important Deadlines

You will see the point highlighted a lot throughout this page and other pages on our site about tax deadlines.

That when you run your own small business or limited company, without the support and expertise of a certified accountant, the responsibility falls to you. Part of that responsibility is ensuring that your self-assessment tax returns, VAT returns, and all your tax bills are filed properly and paid fully.

We have heard repeatedly from business owners of small businesses that because of having so many things to think about, they lose track of time and don’t file tax returns or clear tax bills on time. Not only does this make things more stressful than they need to be, but it also means you are likely to be charged a penalty fee and will end up paying more to the taxman than you want to.

This can so easily undo all the hard work you may have put into making your business as tax efficient as possible.

That is why you need to hire Tax Bite accountants for freelancers. As part of our services, we will set up automated reminders to be sent out to you so you have enough time to deal with anything and can stay compliant with HMRC and Companies House.

To find out more about our regular, automated, and manual reminders, contact Tax Bite today. You can do this by using the phone number listed on this page, by emailing us or by using the online contact form.

Our Accounting Services for Freelancers

If you are thoroughly convinced that you want to proceed and work with Tax Bite as your freelance business accountant, we are happy with what you need.

With more than ten years of experience under our belts, we have a comprehensive range of services we provide all our freelancers. To help you understand the different help and support we can provide your business, look at the overview of each of our main and most popular services below.

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Bookkeeping Services

Even if it is an accounting service that most people are familiar with, many still misunderstand it. On the surface, it is all about keeping a record of your incoming and outgoing transactions, but it is a detailed overview of the condition of your business. When you have solid bookkeeping practices in place and they are accurate, and up to date all the time, you can make better decisions about what to do next.

There is indeed no law or regulation that states your bookkeeping should be handled by professionals. We have also pointed out already how much easier it has become thanks to the various bookkeeping and accounting software suites and applications that are available these days. All have been designed to make the process that little bit easier.

We have also discussed that despite all that, if you want to get the best out of these pieces of software, you need an expert well versed in them.

Business transactions when you run a freelancer business can often make things more complicated. It can be hard to keep track of it all. When you take into consideration that while it’s not a legal requirement to have your business accounts books handled by a professional, you do need to have a record of your transactions.

The last thing you want is to make an error on your books and have HMRC or Companies House poking around and auditing your business. It is better than taking advantage of the bookkeeping service we offer here at Tax Bite.

If hired, we will ensure your monthly and annual books are accurate and up to date. We will also ensure that all documentation and information required for HMRC and Companies House is there.

For more information about Tax Bite bookkeeping services and how they can help your freelance business, please contact one of our team today.

Tax Services

Whether you have only switched to working as a freelancer recently or have been it for some time, you will probably realise how much of a headache the subject of tax can be.

When you went freelance, after all, all you were interested in was freeing up your time, escaping the rat race and hopefully enjoying a larger piece of the earnings cake while doing something you genuinely love.

You did not want to have to deal with tax matters. However, because you no longer work for an employer and are not on PAYE, the complicated, frustrating, and stressful tax matters that were usually handled without you even knowing are your problem now.

That is unless you take advantage of our tax services. At Tax Bite, we can take care of everything connected to your freelancer business taxes. Whether it’s self-assessment tax returns, tax efficiency queries and strategies, claiming business expenses, paying tax bills, querying mistakes, or liaising with HMRC, your very own Tax Bite accountant will help you with it all.

VAT Services

If your freelancer business has become successful enough that you are eligible for VAT registration, this is another headache of confusing rules and regulations that you probably don’t want to deal with. Thanks to our fully qualified and experienced team of professional accountants, you don’t need to. Tax Bite can help with everything related to VAT, from ensuring you are VAT registered to helping you with VAT returns and any dealings with Companies House.

Limited Company Services

While we are discussing Companies House, if your small business experiences success, it may be in your best interest to register it as a limited company. At Tax Bite, we can provide qualified and expert help and support for this area of accountancy.

We can help you to understand the pros and cons of your freelance business becoming a limited company. Although it may seem like the best step forward when you incorporate your business, and it becomes a limited company, that can mean extra taxation and additional scrutiny from the taxman.

If you do still want to turn your freelance business into a limited company, we can aid every step of the application and registration process.

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Personal Tax Services

Even if you are running a limited company, you may still need to go through the process of filing and submitting your self-assessment tax return and pay the relevant tax bill as a freelancer. In most situations, you will have the same responsibilities as a sole trader and will be expected to submit your tax return and deal with annual national insurance contributions. We can help you with the more personal tax side of running a small business or limited company.

To find out more about our tax support services, please contact us today at Tax Bite. You can reach us by giving us a call, dropping us an email, or using the online contact form.

Business Support and Advice

Even if you have no issues with tax or accounting but are trying to push your freelance business or limited company forward, we can still help.

Our team are fully experienced in running businesses and knows how to best advise you about decisions you need to make. When you are a business owner, you can feel weighed down by all the responsibilities that fall on you. That’s where we can make things a little easier for you and lighten your load.

For more information about our business advice and support services, don’t hesitate to contact Tax Bite today, either by phone, email or using the online form.

Tax Bite Testimonials

When I initially started working as a self-employed freelancer, I was excited because of all the great benefits and only a few downsides. However, I soon realised that there was so much that I had not carefully planned for. I needed expert advice and chose Tax Bite because they came recommended to me due to the excellent service they provide. Their expert team helped me with several things, like tax matters, finding the most tax-efficient way of doing things, national insurance, personal tax, and bookkeeping services. All I could ask for and more from the nicest team I’ve ever encountered.

Online Freelancer

I needed a company with experience, and Tax Bite was top of the list for me. They did wonders with my business finances. Their expert accountants helped with tax planning, my tax, tax returns, national insurance contributions, and other related self-employment headaches. Previous accountants I have worked with paled in comparison. Tax Bite does go the extra mile and knows what freelance businesses need. If you are looking for accountants for freelancers that offer unlimited expert advice at a reasonable cost, then I suggest you speak to Tax Bite.


I used taxbite for the first time this year and they have helped me loads. I used to over pay on tax and they have reduced the bill massively! Thanks guys

Digital Freelancer

I was looking for freelancers’ accountants, having just dropped out of the rat race and was looking to start my new business venture with a bang. I am glad I choose the expert accountants at Tax Bite as my go-to source for unlimited expert advice and support. They showed me the most cost-effective way to run my business, helped me understand what I should and shouldn’t take on as my own boss and dealt with all my business accounting too. I’d suggest anyone contact them just for the initial free consultation alone. But then you won’t regret it and will want to work with them


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If you have recently started working freelance, have been doing it for years or are merely at the stage of considering your options, you may not realise you need the help of accountants for freelancers. But you do. At Tax Bite, we have the experience, expertise, a full range of accounting services, access to the best online accounting software and the hardest working chartered accountants you are ever likely to meet. They know what is involved in running a freelance business and have helped countless sole traders and limited companies in the past. Don’t leave your business accounting to chance and don’t try to take it all on yourself.

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Let us do the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on growing your freelance business and reap the benefits that made you go freelance in the first place.

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