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If you are a busy actor looking to hire expert accountants for actors that can help you save money on your tax bill then continue reading how we can help you!

Here at TaxBite we do exactly that, we work with alongside self employed acting performers helping them save money on their taxable income & corporation tax.

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Accountants For Actors

Self Assessment Tax Return For Actors

If you are looking to submit a tax return for the entertainment industry you must understand what your allowable expenses are, typically a chartered certified accountants knows what you can list as expenses.

If you need an specialist accountants for actors to help with your tax and financial affairs then get in touch with our professional accountants for free advice on how much tax we can save you.

Expenses For Actors

When submitting your tax return for actors here are some typical expenses:

Clothing for shoots

Research Expenses

Computer Hardware

Computer software

Travel Expenditure

Marketing Costs

Food & Drink

Hotel Costs

Health & Gym

Agent & Booking Fees

Working From Home

Office Or Studio

If you have any further questions regarding tax returns, expenses or any general accounting questions for actors then get in touch with our expert accountants for actors.

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Why Hire An Accountant For Actors

Hiring an accountant can help you save a lot of time when it comes to general accountancy and mundane tasks, from tax returns, vat registration, capital gains tax return, tax liability bills, tax advice, and general business advice we can help with all of the services.

We understand that trying to complete your own tax return can be very time-consuming to manage especially if you are trying to focus on your acting career and grow your monthly income this is where our team of professional accountants for actors come in to help you!

Why Pick TaxBite for Your Tax And Financial Affairs

Here at TaxBite we have over 10 years of experience working with all sorts of industry’s from giving tax advice to actors all way up to helping businesses with hundreds of employees helping them save money on there VAT returns and thousands of pounds on tax every year.

We provide various types of services for all our clients making certain we always go above and beyond, this ultimately means that you can focus on your acting and becoming the best you can while we are in the background helping you save money.

Services TaxBite Can Assist With

We can advise with any of the following:

We offer various other services for accountants however if you want more time reading scripts then invest in an accountant to help you take the worry away.

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Tax Guidance For Actors

Depending on your income in some cases you may need to setup a limited company business, this will benefit you when paying your taxes. Our team TaxBite will look at your previous tax payments and advice you accordingly.

We have worked with various actors in the past and setting up a limited company sometimes plays in your favour when your are making your tax payment at the end of the year. We first need to look at your accounts and taxation to date to make a informed decision.

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Other Industries We Help

Our team at TaxBite help various sectors in accounting, such as: