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If you are a busy actor looking to hire expert accountants for actors that can help you save money on your tax bill then continue reading how we can help you!

Here at TaxBite we do exactly that, we work with alongside self employed acting performers helping them save money on their taxable income & corporation tax.

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Self Assessment Tax Return For Actors

If you are looking to submit a tax return for the entertainment industry you must understand what your allowable expenses are, typically a chartered certified accountants knows what you can list as expenses.

If you need an specialist accountants for actors to help with your tax and financial affairs then get in touch with our professional accountants for free advice on how much tax we can save you.

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Expenses For Actors

When submitting your tax return for actors here are some typical expenses:

Clothing for shoots

  • Clothing for auditions
  • Clothes for movies
  • Costumes

Research Expenses

  • Theatre
  • Gallery
  • Museum tickets
  • DVD’s
  • Cinema Tickets
  • Movie subscriptions
  • Play texts
  • Books
  • Biographies
  • Training & Workshop classes
  • Tutor lessons
  • Props

Computer Hardware

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Internet costs
  • Printer
  • Printer Ink (printing out scripts etc)

Computer software

  • Microsoft Office
  • Security Software

Travel Expenditure

  • Petrol & Diesel for traveling to work
  • Bus travel
  • Train travel
  • Plane travel
  • Taxi travel (we also offer accounting for taxi drivers)
  • Parking

Marketing Costs

  • Website
  • Website management fees
  • Networking Event fees (Tickets)
  • Actor showreel / Voiceover showreel
  • Photographer (headshots, videos)

Food & Drink

  • Breakfast (during acting work)
  • Lunch (during acting work)
  • Dinner (during acting work)

Hotel Costs

  • Hotel Expenses (for work purposes)
  • AirBNB Stays (for work purposes)
  • Hostel Stays (for work purposes)

Health & Gym

  • Gym membership
  • Haircuts (for work purposes)
  • Makeup (for work purposes)

Agent & Booking Fees

  • Management fees
  • Booking fees

Working From Home

  • Percentage of utility bills (working from home)
  • Percentage of rent, mortgage interest, rates and insurance

Office Or Studio

  • Rented office
  • Bills
  • Business Rates

If you have any further questions regarding tax returns, expenses or any general accounting questions for actors then get in touch with our expert accountants for actors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Services TaxBite Can Assist With

We can advise with any of the following:

We offer various other services for accountants however if you want more time reading scripts then invest in an accountant to help you take the worry away.

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Tax Guidance For Actors

Depending on your income in some cases you may need to setup a limited company business, this will benefit you when paying your taxes. Our team TaxBite will look at your previous tax payments and advice you accordingly.

We have worked with various actors in the past and setting up a limited company sometimes plays in your favour when your are making your tax payment at the end of the year. We first need to look at your accounts and taxation to date to make a informed decision.

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