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Fully qualified and certified retail accountants provide a wide range of accountancy services and advisory services to businesses in the retail sector throughout the UK.

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One of the most competitive business sectors in the UK, the retail industry has also become complicated with the increase in online businesses and competition from overseas businesses.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small local shop in a small town or are involved in the running of a larger retailer or high street store, you are constantly dealing with competition. There are so many things you need to worry about already, with your accounts and taxes adding to them.

At Tax Bite Accountants, our team of retail accountants are here to help. We can take the stress and strain of handling everything from your books to your taxes so that you have more time and resources to dedicate to making your business profitable and growing it.

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Accountancy Experts and Tax Advisors Who Understand Your Industry

Although there are indeed many different chartered accountants and tax advisors out there, you still need to be careful when hiring a team to help you. In our capacity as retail tax experts, we have worked many years with brands and businesses within this industry, and therefore understand the many issues and challenges facing retailers and wholesalers.

The numbers speak for themselves. The retail industry is considered one of the most significant for the UK economy. Around one-third of all consumer spending went through retail in 2020. That accounts for an incredible £403B.

With regards to the high street, the changes in consumer spending habits and the increase of the online sector, which we saw grow by almost 45% during 2020 alone, has meant a big difference to footfall.

Why Work with Specialists Retail Tax Advisors and Chartered Accountants?

The retail sector accountants and tax team can help with finding cost-saving methods, analysing business trends, and evaluating daily financial data and general ledger postings. We take it as our responsibility to make sure all financial records for retailers are compliant, complete, and accurate.

With our tax team, we will ensure that your retail business is structured and managed most efficiently for tax purposes. We can also help offer advice concerning business restructures and the implications of disposals, acquisitions, and mergers.

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Specialist Accountancy Services for Retailers and Shop Owners

At Tax Bite, we offer a wide range of retail and wholesale sector accountancy services, including:

  • Annual accounts, audit work, and financial statements preparation
  • Self-assessment business tax planning returns preparation and filing
  • Stock control and cash flow advice
  • Cloud-based accountancy options
  • eCommerce accountancy and tax advice and support
  • Moving your tax accounts online
  • Pre-acquisition tax planning and financial assessment
  • Help to get access to specialised funding
  • Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit
  • Strategic business development advice
  • Supply chain management
  • Help with capital allowances
  • Profitability and funding options
  • Cross border tax issues
  • Access to industry-standard tax and accounting software
  • Tax liabilities and tax reliefs
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Advice for Business, Personal and VAT advice and making sure it’s HMRC compliant
  • Fit-out costs, stamp duty and property purchases
  • Covid-related support schemes like SEISS

Even if the specific service, advice or support you need is not listed above, that does not necessarily mean we cannot help. For a fuller understanding of how Tax Bite in our capacity as retail and wholesale industry accountants can help you, speak to one of our team today.

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Ecommerce Specialist Accountants

As noted, the retail market has changed so much in the last couple of decades, that not all businesses are now found in bricks and mortar stores. Many are now online or have both an online and offline presence.

Whatever your business situation is – whether you are running a solely online business or a business that offers both online and offline options or is merely at the point of thinking about moving online, you need the right sort of help.

You need a team that has the experience and skills necessary to give qualified advice. We have a team of accountancy experts who can help with all things related to eCommerce. Whether you are looking to operate your business in the most tax-efficient way possible or need help with overseas VAT or advice on which lines you should launch online, we can provide it with all.

To find out more about our eCommerce and online retailer specialist accounting services, give us a call or contact us using the details on this page or by clicking through to our contact us page.

Industry Leaders as Specialist Retail Accountants

We pride ourselves here at TaxBite on always being ahead of the game – leading the industry rather than following others. Our specialists stay up to date with all the latest developments in tax legislation and new techniques and methods for managing the complex financial records associated with many retail businesses.

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Accounting Software for Retail Businesses

Accounting for retail businesses, whether part of chains, independent retail businesses or online retailers, is a complicated thing. One wrongly collected, recorded or even calculated figure, can spell disaster.

Even if it doesn’t cost your business anything in terms of cash flow and profits, it may make all the difference between you being fully compliant and not. Many business consultants and accounting firms tend to use one particular accounting software.

At TaxBite Accountants, we like to cover all bases. We know that all retailers have different needs when it comes to accounting and has different software preferences.

Unless you want to change to a different, easier option, we have experience and expertise in all of the most popular, professional accounting software.

At present, therefore, we can offer support with the following:

If you are not currently using one of the accounting software suites listed above, we can also provide you with advice about which would suit your business needs best. To find out more, please get in contact using the details featured on this page or our contact us page.

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There is no getting past it – the retail sector is a difficult one to operate in, whether you are a shop owner, small business or working for a chain featuring many retailers. At Tax Bite Accountants, we understand the pressures and challenges that this sector throws at retail businesses big and small and are here to help.

With our fully qualified and certified retail accountants, you can get help with everything from simple cash flow and bookkeeping services to tax planning, tax returns advice on how to optimise profitability and so much more.

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